Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)

Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can she? Eventually Abby turns to Luke and her's friends for help only to find out Calum, her next closest friend, has been crushing on her too. What happens when Abby crushes on her best friends? Who will fall for her? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Read to find out.


4. Stay The Night?

    After staying in the treehouse for a few hours we decided to go back home. So we started walking back to my house. "Luke, could you stay the night tonight? So we can hang out tomorrow too." He used to always stay the night.

   "Sorry Jellybean, you know Boston would get mad."

    Uhg, of course, that tramp! "Fine."

   "But I promise I'll come over early tomorrow."

   "Thanks Luke."

   We finally reached my house. While he gave me a hug he said, "I love you Jellybean."

   I laid my head on his shoulder. "I love you too Luke." I wish he meant it the same way I did. I really do love him. At that we stopped hugging and I ran inside my house and up to my room. Then my phone went off.


  Hey, if you need me, I'm just a call away, I'll come over later if you need me. Bye Jellybean.  -LukeXx


   Sigh, I wish he knew, but I can't ruin our friendship like that. I know he doesn't love me the same way I love him, because he loves Boston. Oh well, I know he will always be there for me. No matter what.



 Sorry for the foul word in here. It's probably a good idea to get used to it. I'm not sure how much more I will use. But I couldn't find a better word for it. Sorry! Love you guys! <3

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