Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)

Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can she? Eventually Abby turns to Luke and her's friends for help only to find out Calum, her next closest friend, has been crushing on her too. What happens when Abby crushes on her best friends? Who will fall for her? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Read to find out.


13. Puddle Jumpers Day 1

*Skip 3 Days so it is now July 10th*

   Today was Puddle Jumpers so I was going to meet up with the boys, Dana, and more than likely Boston at the old Casey's that is down the street from Puddle Jumpers. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, put on my Miss Me shorts and a black and white, polka dotted, short sleeved blouse. After putting on a thin layer of eyeliner and mascara I grabbed my penny board and went to the old gas station.

   "Hey Jellybean," Luke said while hugging me.

   Looky who it is... None other than the she-devil herself giving me a death glare. After talking for about 15 minutes we decided to start walking around Puddle Jumpers.

   "Hey Abbs," Calum said as he put his hand around my waist.

   "Calum," I warned. I then walked a bit ahead of him so he wouldn't be touching me. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that I don't think I could ever be with him like that when I still have feelings for his best friend. What makes me mad is the fact that he knows I like Luke. I don't think he's even entirely sure of my feelings for HIM. Uhg, I wish I knew what to do.

   We walked up and down the 2 blocks that Puddle Jumpers cover about 7 times. To be honest that's basically one of the only things we do because none of us bring a lot of money to actually do much. It's fun walking though, we just get to talk like the best friends we are. Well, except for Boston constantly glaring at me, basically telling me to keep a distance.

   I knew better than to do anything stupid for quite a few reasons.

1). We're in public.

2). Boston is here.

3). Luke doesn't even know I like him, so I have no clue what his reaction would be.

   Oooh... It's one of those rare moments when we actually play a game.... We decided to play a dart game. I thought Luke was going to be playing too because he handed the man money... But of course it was for Boston.

   The game began and I went into my competitive mode and just focused on throwing the darts. Next thing I knew there was a sharp pain in my foot. I looked down in agony to find a dart lodged into the top of my foot.

   "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I must have dropped one of my darts!" I could hear the pride in Boston's voice while she was 'apologizing' to me.

   I was biting my hand trying not to scream in pain and get any unwanted attention. But eventually it was too much, I let out a muffled screech. Next thing I knew I was in someone's arms. I couldn't see who it was through my tears. Everything just seemed to be a blur. The only thing I could focus on was the pain in my right foot. I don't think the person who was carrying me knew what to do because next thing I knew I was in the back seat of someone's car and probably on the way to the hospital.




    Hey guys I'm so sorry for not updating sooner. I've been really busy! And writers block has not been my friend lately... So if anyone has any ideas for this story feel free to put them in the comments:) Thank you guys for being patient. I love you all!

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