Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)

Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can she? Eventually Abby turns to Luke and her's friends for help only to find out Calum, her next closest friend, has been crushing on her too. What happens when Abby crushes on her best friends? Who will fall for her? Will it ruin their friendship forever? Read to find out.


20. A Night With Calum


Okay, I know it has taken me two lifetimes to update, but I really do plan on continuing this book. I'm going through a hard phase in my life right now so I haven't been writing, but here I am. Also I have tried writing this chapter multiple times. The first two time my computer froze up and deleted all of my work. So i started writing it on paper and I just couldn't get back into it. This is my fourth attempt. Here is goes.


Calum's POV-

   After spending what I believe to be an hour just sitting in my car waiting for Abby to finish packing she finally ran out of her house with two bags and a grocery bag. What? I unlocked the car doors and she hopped in the front next to me. "What the hell is all of that?" I asked as she threw the bags in the back seat.

   "You'll see," she smirked. "Now drive!"

   I chuckled. "Away!" 

   By the time we got back to my house and out all of her bags in the dirty, but dry place I call my room Abby was already complaining. "I'm hungry! Can we make brownies?"

   "You're always hungry! And we are NOT making brownies." I flicked the lights on in the kitchen. Abby instantly looked through all of my cabinets. "So what's in the grocery bag?" I asked as I noticed the smile marked plastic bag still hanging from her hand.

   "Oh, this?" She raised the bag and smiled mischievously. "This is for later." Abby slipped the plastic bag in the fridge. I peeked over her shoulder hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever was in the bag. "Calum! No peeking!" She squealed and pushed me away from the fridge. "How about a pizza?" She asked off topic.

   "Order a pizza?" I looked at her quizzically.

   Abby rolled her eyes at me and replied sarcastically, "No, I mean let's go out to a fancy pizza place at 10 at night in the middle of a storm!" She picked up her phone.

   "Fine, but just for that you're paying." She ordered the pizza and we went over and sat on the couch.


Abby's POV-

   As Calum turned on the tv I laid back and put my feet on his lap. "I'm booooreeedd," I complained.

   "Well then what do you suppose we do?" He raised his eyebrow.

   "Oh.. Um.. I don't really know.. I didn't think I'd get this far." He laughed at me. I wacked his arm. "Hey! Stop that!" I put on my famous pouty face and continued, "laughing isn't nice."

   "Well neither is hitting Ms. Grumpy Pants." He started laughing again. "I have some board games in my closet if you want to do that?"

    "Sure!" I jumped up and ran to his mess of a room.

   "Wait!" He yelled jumping up after me. I opened his closet and looked up at the bored games. On top of all the boxes was a small red velvet box. Calum rushed into the room. "You uh.. You weren't supposed to see that." He wouldn't look me in the eye.

   I couldn't help asking. "Calum, what is that..?"

   He hesitated. "It er.. It was supposed to be your birthday present, but I couldn't find the perfect time to give it to you.." Calum was shaking his head. "This definitely wasn't how I expected you to get it." Underneath his chuckle I could tell he was upset that I had found it.

   "I uhm.. I'm sorry." I was left standing there hesitant and curious about that small box in his closet. I wasn't sure what to say. Calum pushed past me to reach up and grab the velvet box. As soon as he reached up the doorbell rang.

   In that moment I was slightly relieved. Saved by the bell. How cliche. It also hit me that now I have to wait to find out what was hidden underneath the smooth, red lid of that box. Calum turned back around and headed for the door. I could tell he was embarrassed, but I followed. 

   I paid for the pizza and brought it into the kitchen. I set it down on the table. "What first? Pizza or box?" 

   To my relief Calum simply answered, "pizza." So we sat and ate. At times we would both try to get back into how we were before with stupid conversations, but I think we both knew we couldn't put off the box for long.

   Eventually, we finished the pizza. "Wow, I didn't know you could eat that much," Calum joked and winked. I returned with a small smile. He sighed. "I suppose I should give you the present now.." Calum grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his room.

   I'd never felt to awkward standing in his room before. Not even when he kissed me. I sat on the bed as Calum reached into the open closet and grabbed the box. He sat down next to me with the box in his hands. "Happy late birthday, Abilene," he said with his cocky half smile and opened the box.




 Hi guys! Honestly, I'm really glad that I had to redo this chapter. I think it is a lot better than the original one that got deleted, or any of my drafts. What do you think of it?

  Also, I have started a tumblr tag #HeartbreakBoy  So if you have any comments, or fan art you can post it there with that tag or on instagram or twitter with the same tag. I'll be checking! ;)


     What do you think is in the box? And do you think it will win Abby over?

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