One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences *Closed*

1D and 5SOS imagines! Comment if you want one done! No dirty please! I need your name, the guy you want and what you want to happen!


6. Summer and Harry

"Hello?" Summer asked as she answered her phone.

"Hey babe! Can you meet me at my place in a hour?" Harry asked.

"Yea sure! See you then! Love you!" she said and hung up. They had been dating for over a year now, and she thought he was going to 'pop the question'.

'What am I going to wear?' she thought going through her closet.

Finally, she found a beautiful hot pink dress with flats to match. She got dressed and drove to Harry's house.

"Hey! That's a little dressy for a movie!" Harry said.

"We are watching a movie?" Summer asked, hoping he was kidding.

"Is that ok?" Harry asked.

"Yea, that's fine!" Summer said, disappointed.

In the middle of the movie, Harry paused it.

"What was that for?" Summer asked.

Harry got down on one knee. A tear of joy rolled down Summer's cheek.

"Summer, I have been waiting a long time to ask someone this... Will you marry me?" Harry asked.

"Yes!" Summer said, hugging and kissing him.

*4 years later*

"That's how your daddy proposed to me!" Summer told her daughter, Darcy.

A/N- I hope you like it!


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