One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences *Closed*

1D and 5SOS imagines! Comment if you want one done! No dirty please! I need your name, the guy you want and what you want to happen!


46. Shantez and Niall

"What if they don't like me?" Shantez asked her boyfriend of 8 months, Niall.

"They will like you. I promise..." Niall consoled her.

She was meeting his parents for the first time and she was really nervous.

"Niall!" Bobby, his dad, said, opening the door.

"HI dad..This is Shantez..."

"Hi, nice to meet you..." Shantez smiled.

After dinner, Niall and Shantez left.

"See I told you they would like you..." Niall said, kissing her cheek.

Shantez smiled and looked away.

When she looked back, Niall was on one knee.

"Shantez, I love you... Will you marry me?" Niall asked.

"Of course I will NIall!" 

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