One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences *Closed*

1D and 5SOS imagines! Comment if you want one done! No dirty please! I need your name, the guy you want and what you want to happen!


32. Audrey and Harry

Nobody's POV


"Audrey? It's Harry... Um, call me back when you get the chance... Please babe! I didn't mean to make you mad... I love you. Bye.."

Harry and Audrey had gotten into a bit of an argument and Audrey didn't want to put up with it anymore, so she walked away.

She was now at her sister's house, and Harry wouldn't stop calling and leaving voicemails.

"Audrey, call him... I think he needs you..." Tara, Audrey's sister, said.

Audrey slowly dialed Harry's number, and he answered on the second ring.

"Audrey! Are you ok? Where are you? You had me worried sick!! Please come home, I miss you!" Harry immediately said.

"Harry, babe, I'm ok... I'm at Tara's..."

"Audrey... um... Can you be ready in an hour? Wear fancy clothes..."
"Um... yeah, I can be ready.. Where are we going?"

"You'll find out..."

An hour later, Harry showed up at the house, wearing dress pants and a white button up shirt with the top two buttons undone. So, you could she his beautifully toned chest. (the feels!!!!)

"Hey Harry..."  Tara said, "Audrey will be ready in just a second..."

Audrey walked out of Tara's bedroom, wearing a stunning red dress.

"Wow, Audrey! You look gorgeous!" Tara exclaimed.

"Audrey, you look amazing..." Harry agreed.

"Thanks..." Audrey said nervously.

"You ready to go?" Harry asked, and Audrey nodded.

"You two have fun..." Tara called, as they got into Harry's car.

They drove to a beautiful restaurant, and were quickly seated in minutes.

After they ate, they went to the nearby park where Harry asked Audrey to be his girlfriend.

As they were walking, Harry stopped.

"Harry?" Audrey asked, turning around.

Harry was down on one knee, with a cheeky smile plastered on his face.

"Audrey, will you marry me?" Harry asked.

"Yes! I love you!" she said, kissing him.

He slipped the ring on her finger, and they kissed again.

"Babe, I'm sorry for getting mad at you earlier..." Audrey said.

"It's ok, sweetheart... I was mad too..." Harry said, and kissed her cheek.

A/N- Audrey, I'm sorry you had to wait so long for your imagine... I hope you like it!~Rylie


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