One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences *Closed*

1D and 5SOS imagines! Comment if you want one done! No dirty please! I need your name, the guy you want and what you want to happen!


13. 1D Prefernece 6: Drunk Text (from him to you)

Harry- Heyyyy kittyyyyy! I'mmm onnn myyy wwayy homee from da barrr with Loouuuuu! cu soooon!

Niall- I'mmm an irish leprachaunnnn! I will takeeee your pot of golddd! (lol)

Zayn- So listennn, like I hiiiiiitttttt a bump in myyyy roller coasterr thatt iss lifeee tonight!

Louis- Heyyy babbeee! Onnn myy wayy homeeee... keeeppp the beddd warm 4me!!!!!

Liam- The boys r drunk.... I need someone 2talk2!!!! :)

A/N- This was the stupidest preference ever!!!! (lol)

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