From Angie to Brooky

Angie likes Brooky, but she doesn't realize it yet.
Brooky's in love with Angie, but he doesn't know it yet.
At first they hate each other, then they fall in love. And they don't know it yet.
This is their story.


6. Brooky

I go inside the train and take my seat. Just as I get comfortable, these twin old ladies start watching me through their old-school glasses. Trying to ignore them I reach for my backpack for a book but bang my head on the table. "Ow!" I let out.

     I lean back on my booth while the oldies keep staring at me. Looking behind me, I see a black haired girl reading a book. She's the girl I saw earlier. Maybe I'll go talk to her, she looks my age...and it's better than old ladies.
     With my backpack in hand I get up and glide next to her. She doesn't seem to notice me, so I say, "Mind if I sit here?" The girl jumps, spots me, then says, "Yeah, I really do."

That's weird. I frown, but wait, she's just joking, so it's okay to sit down, right? I laugh and slide in the seat across her. She stares at me. "Um...excuse me...did you not hear what I said?"
 I smile. "Oh, yeah, most definitely." She frowns. "Then why don't you go?"
"Cause I don't feel like it. And those old ladies are staring at me. I hate old ladies." Cool. An on-going joke.
     "Then can you sit in that seat over there?" asks the girl, pointing to the place a couple booths down. 
     "Why?" I ask her. "Why can't I sit here, kid?" 
     She stutters. "Cause...because...I feel like being alone, okay? I'm not gonna entertain you, so bug off, now." I think that's what she said. 
     I realize now that she's completely serious. "Well, isn't that rude of you," I say seriously. "I won't bother you kid. And it's okay to say that you're just waiting for your mommy to come."
     "Shut up."
     "Kid, how old are you, 16, 15, 14, you're a 7 year old girl who's afraid her mommy's gonna get mad at her because she's talking to a stranger."
     "Shut up! I came on my own!"
     "Oh, kid, you don't--," the girl cuts me off.
     "Stop calling me kid! I have a name, ya know."
     "Cool, me too. Is yours Kid?" Maybe if I annoy her a bit more...
     "For the last fricking time, shut up!" she snaps. "My name is Angela! And I'm not gonna call you by your name, whatever the hell it is!"
     "It's Brooky. Not very nice to meet you, Angie."
     "Brooky, is that, what, a girl name--and who gave you permission to call me Angie!?"
 Once again, I must say, that since I never remembered Angie from when I was 10, I never connected the two names to the person I had just met.
     Suddenly I start laughing. Angela's last little comment triggered something inside me. "What?" a frustrated Angela asks, pushing up her black-rimmed glasses. "Why are you laughing?"
     Between laughs I say, "You said you weren't gonna entertain me, but you are! Stay true to your word, kid!" 
     She sighs. When I stop, she says, "Can you please leave? I don't feel well..."
I'm kinda happy she said that, but to make her think I don't wanna go I say "Fine..." and leave to my old booth. The old ladies are asleep. Good idea. I look back at Angie. Bitch...



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