From Angie to Brooky

Angie likes Brooky, but she doesn't realize it yet.
Brooky's in love with Angie, but he doesn't know it yet.
At first they hate each other, then they fall in love. And they don't know it yet.
This is their story.


4. 11 Years Later: Brooky

     Hey, c'mon, I never wanted to move to Europe. I wanted to stay in Indiana, where I could watch basketball games and call soccer 'soccer' instead of football and order a hamburger instead of frickin' fish and chips. But no, mom and dad and Lily pushed me to go. Apparently there're better 'opportunities' and crap there, but what sucks is that they're right. And it can't be that bad. At least they speak English there. Ugh...but it's not a one-way trip. Dad had to drive me to Pennsylvania, then from there, I take a train to Georgia and then I take a plane to France. After about 2 weeks I'll be heading to London.

I'm late for the train. I bolt to the train station and do all the stupid pointless stuff I have to go through before getting on. When I make it there, it's just started to get going. 'Too bad,' a part of me thinks, but I run after it anyway, backpack on my back. "Hey! HEY!" I shout. "Wait! Hey! Wait! I need to get on! Waaaaaiit!" I shout more and louder as the train picks up speed. At this I run faster. 
     Apparently someone heard me, because the train starts to slow down. Ha! Ha! Just as I was losing hope! I hop on, exhausted, as the doors open and my now fellow passengers give a loud round of applause. I grin. As I choose a seat, out of the corner of my eye I see a curly black-headed girl migrate deep into the train.

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