From Angie to Brooky

Angie likes Brooky, but she doesn't realize it yet.
Brooky's in love with Angie, but he doesn't know it yet.
At first they hate each other, then they fall in love. And they don't know it yet.
This is their story.


3. 11 Years Later: Angie

Ever since I was 11, I wanted to run away to Europe, explore it, love it, all before I went to college. So I saved up as much money as I could throughout the years, (my parents wouldn't allow it unless it came out of my own account. Guess they never believed I would do it.) and the week after high school graduation, I was all set to make my dream a reality. I, now 17 years of age, was going to have the greatest time of my life.

      But before I could fly to Europe, I had to take a train from Pennsylvania to Georgia, then at the airport there, I'd be flying to France. My heart raced just thinking about it. I'll be completely free!
      I check my watch. 5 minutes till Thomas the Train Engine comes. I try to recall anything I've forgotten...nope, nothing. I puff the black curl out of my face and push up my glasses.
     "ALL PASSENGERS ON BOARD!" yells the train as it comes into view. I run in, quickly. Soon enough, everyone is on board. Well, almost everyone.

"Hey! HEY!" I hear shouting just as the doors close and the engines start. "Wait! Hey! Wait! I need to get on! Waaaaaiit!!!" It was a boy, a few years older than me, with a backpack on his, well, back.
     "Uh...," I say weakly, then more strongly, "'s a guy! He needs to get on board! Hey! Stop the train!" People start to hear me, and a loud whisper climbs up the train, followed by points and shouts to the conductor. Then, before we can get too fast, the train screeches to a halt and the doors open. The guy, panting, jumps in, and there is a round of applause from the passengers. I smile, then sneak deep inside the train, find the most private-looking booth and sit down, watching my world go by as the train starts again. The boy leaves my mind, but not for as long as I'd like.

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