Beautiful Words (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But then again a thousand words may paint a picture. For 17 year old Justin Bieber, words is all he has. An accident happened fourteen years ago changed Justin's life forever, taking his sight away leaving him blind.

Eighteen year old Brooke McAdams, expresses herself through beautiful ad vivid drawings .Thats the only way of expressing herself and finding her own calming getaway. She feels that people will see who she is through her drawings.

Brooke McAdams and Justin Bieber share something special. Even through Justin can't see Brooke or her drawings, it's her beautiful words that show him who she really is.



1. Chapter 1

Beautiful Words by embieber23


Brooke McAdams is just your typical high school senior who is more than ready to graduate and go off to college. Unfortunately, she has to leave all of her friends in California and move to North Carolina because of her mother’s new job, meaning she’s starting off new for her final year as a high school student. Is she happy about it? No, not at all. She had pictured tearing this year up with her best friends. You see, Brooke was one of the girls that every girl wanted to be. She had the nice car, perfectly shaped body, amazing clothes, and all the boys fell at her feet. But Brooke was different. She wasn’t like the typical envied popular bitch you see in movies. She didn’t have time for boys or nonsense such as that, she would rather sit on the beach and draw all by herself. 

She had many friends. Specifically her two best friends Claire and Kelsey. The three of them were liked by all, they ruled the school. 

When Brooke found out she was being forced to move to North Carolina during the summer before senior year she was devastated. Her mother felt unbelievably bad about the whole situation, but Brooke knew her mother couldn’t really do anything about it. This new job would do wonders for their family. It was just her mother and her five year old little sister, Gracie. Their father wasn’t in the picture. He had been in a fatal car accident on the way home from work one day. This had devastated her family and really hit them hard. Brooke was thirteen and Gracie was only two.

Brooke was incredibly close with her father. She was definitely a daddy’s girl and she was proud of it. They did everything together. Father daughter dances, going out on their boat for the day, and their favorite was going to college basketball games together. After the death of her father, Brooke really connected with her art talent. Her drawings are unique and some can even tell a story just by looking at them for a few minutes. Her dream is to become a famous artist, own her own studio that has her art work hanging all around for people to buy and enjoy them just as much as she does. 

Justin Bieber wishes he was a typical high school senior, but he isn’t, well he doesn’t think he is. He’s smart, kind, but very shy. What makes him different from the other people around him is that he’s blind, and he can’t stand it. 

He doesn’t have many friends because let’s face it, high school kids are stereotypical assholes and turn their heads at anyone who has a slight disability or something unique about them. Well that’s the case for the high school Justin attends at least. It’s hard finding someone who accepts Justin for who he is and his disability. In his life he’s only found two people capable of doing so, other than his family. Ryan Butler and Chaz Sommers, and unfortunately for Justin, they live back in Canada. 

Justin lived in Canada until he was ten, when he moved to North Carolina. He was upset because he knew no one would accept him like Ryan and Chaz do. He blamed his mother for moving them here but deep down inside he knew it was for the best. His parents were no longer together and they didn’t exactly get along anymore. His mother was ready for something new and Justin could tell. Justin may have a lot of things that upset him, but he pushes those things aside when it comes to his mother, and he will do anything to make his mother happy, even if it is moving to a completely different place. 

 There is only one thing that Justin finds as an escape from everything. Reading. It’s ironic because being blind you would assume that reading would be difficult, but reading brail is easy. Most nights he goes down to the lake that is only a block away from his house with his book in his hand and sits by the water and reads. The silence soothes him and the occasional sound of birds chirping and fish splashing in the water makes the place a natural and peaceful environment for him to get away. 

Justin wants two things in life. A friend and a chance to see. He’s been waiting eighteen years for something to come along and he’ll keep on waiting, no matter how long it takes. 


Brooke’s POV

“Come on Brookie, it won’t be that bad” my mother said with a sympathetic smile. We had just arrived in North Carolina and were on our way to our new house. Don’t get me wrong, North Carolina is beautiful so far, but it doesn’t beat my California. 

“I know” I said quietly to my mom. I was being a typical teenager, sulking in the passenger seat. I’m indifferent about this move. I’m excited to start fresh but I’m upset because I’m leaving all my friends behind. 

“Brooke look!” my little six year old sister Gracie yelled and pointed out the window. There was a lake that was also looked like it was used as a small beach. Gracie loves the water. 

“I see Gracie!” I smiled at her in the backseat. 

We pulled into our neighborhood I’m guessing since there were numerous houses around us. They were nice houses, most of them two story victorian looking homes. They were beautiful, but not too big which I liked. 

“Mommy is this our house?” Gracie asked as we pulled into the driveway. 

“Obviously Gracie” I giggled. She stuck her tongue out at me which made my mom and I giggle. Gracie may be six but she sure does have an attitude sometimes. My mother likes to say both of us were born with PMS. 

I got out of the car and went and helped Gracie out. 

“Don’t forget Shadow!” Gracie yelled. Shadow is our one year old yellowlabrador retriever. He’s the sweetest dog you will ever meet. 

I took Gracie to the back of the car and opened up the door as Shadow jumped out and immediately started licking Gracie’s face. They were each other’s best friend. 

“The moving trucks should be here shortly, let’s go inside and you two can pick out your rooms!” my mom said excitedly. We walked into the house and the humidity and heat hit like no other, 

“Please tell me there’s air conditioning in this house” I panted. My mom laughed and nodded, 

“There is, I just turned it on” she said. I sighed and smiled. 

I walked up the stairs and down the hall and into a room that was big, but not insanely big. It had a normal closet and a bench window that looked over the large backyard. Our house backs up to nothing, just the lake that we saw on our way in which I find beautiful. This will definitely be my place to draw. 

“I knew you’d like this room” my mother said from the doorway. I spun around and smiled, 

“It’s nice” I smiled and looked around.  

“Shadow and I call this room!” Gracie yelled from the room next to mine. My mother and I laughed and went into her room. 

“Brookie will you paint it like my room in California?” she asked. I had painted her old room a pink color and then painted a white picket fence on the walls and flowers and vines wrapped around it. I was quite satisfied with the way it turned out. My room was vintage black and white themed. 

“Of course I will” I smiled. She clapped her hands and jumped around before running somewhere in the house with Shadow. 

“I really think you’ll like it here Brooke.” my mom said, giving me a hug. 

“I hope so” I replied. 

“How about you take Gracie on a walk with Shadow before it get’s dark out and I’ll wait here for the movers. I have to make a few work calls anyways” she said. I smiled and nodded. 

“Gracie! We’re going on a walk!” I yelled. I heard little feet running towards me followed with claws scraping against the wood floor. 

“Go get Shadows leash in the car and we’ll go” I said. She ran and got the leash and I put on my flip flops. It was getting cooler outside with a light breeze which was always my favorite kind of weather. 

I walked outside and Gracie had Shadow on a leash all ready to go. 

“Are you excited to go to your new school?” I asked Gracie. 

“Kind of. I miss Jenny though” she frowned. Jenny is her best friend. 

“It’s okay. I miss my friends too, but I’m sure you’ll make new friends” I smiled at her. She looked up at me and smiled as well. 

“Look!” Gracie yelled again and pointed at the lake. I looked through the short cut that was in between two houses that went straight to the lake. 

“Can we go?” she asked excitedly. 

“Only if your careful” I said. She squealed and walked on the trail with Shadow leading the way and me right behind them. The trail was covered by hovering trees and when the wind blew the sound of the leaves came from all around. 

We made it to the end of the trail and to the lake. There was sand or gravel or whatever that you could sit on, much like a sandy beach. 

“No going in the water!” I said sternly.  

“But Brooke!” Gracie whined, “Shadow get’s to go in!” 

“Shadow is also a dog and knows how to properly doggie paddle. You can throw that stick in the water for Shadow and you can stand in the water. No going farther than your ankles okay?” I said. Gracie always wins in situations like this. 

“Okay!” she smiled. I sat down on a large rock and watched as Gracie would throw the large stick as far as she could into the water and Shadow would dash in and grab it then bringing it right back to Gracie and dropping it at her feet.

I looked around the lake and it was very quiet. I looked to my right and a little less than half way around the lake I saw a boy sitting against a log. He had short shaggy brown hair and sunglasses on so I couldn’t see his eyes. He had a book in his hands and was running his fingers along the pages. He looked about my age, maybe a year older. He ran his fingers through his hair, giving it a ruffled look which I have always found attractive on guys. 

“Ooh Brookie’s staring at a boy, Brookie’s staring at a boy” Gracie sang which made me snap my gaze at her. 

“I was not” I lied. 

“Were too” she fought back. I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled and went back to playing with Shadow. I looked back at the boy and he wasn’t there anymore. Boom, kid must be fast or something. 

We sat at the lake for another half hour or so before we made our way back to the house. When we got there the movers had already gotten everything into the house and all that was left to do was take things out of the boxes. 

“Did you two have fun?” my mom asked as we walked up the driveway. 

“Yes! Shadow and I played fetch in the lake!” Gracie yelled. 

“You better not let that wet dog in the house missy! Put him out in the backyard and make sure you close the fence!” my mom said to her. She went in the back with Shadow and I walked into the house with my mom. 

“Was the lake nice?” she asked. 

“Yeah it was really calming.” I smiled. 

“A nice place for you to draw?” she asked. I nodded, 

“I already drew out the picture in my head when we got there” I smiled. My mom knows how much I love drawing. 

“Tomorrow is your first day. Are you excited?” she asked. I shrugged, 

“I guess. I mean, what’s there to loose?” I asked. 

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. You had no trouble in making friends back in California so I’m sure you’ll make many friends here.” she smiled at me. I nodded and smiled back. 

“I’m going to go upstairs and start to unload the boxes in my room” I said. My mom nodded and I went up the stairs. I had already figured out how I’m going to paint my room and what theme to go with. I was thinking of painting one wall Tiffany Blue and keeping my french vintage theme. I’ll go and buy all the paint tomorrow after school. 

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