A 1D Fanfiction

If Niall had a sister he didn't know of? And what if she was Louis's best friend? Enjoy.


1. A little intro

Well... here goes... I walked on the stage in front of 4 thousand irish people, plus the four judges: Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh, and Katy Perry. Oh my, how could I forget to introduce myself! How can I tell you my story if I don't tell you who I am! Hi, I'm Nicole O'Brian-Horan. I'm 18 at the moment. I am a pure Irish lass. I have long cherry red curly hair and beautiful sky blue eyes. I've been told I'm quite beautiful. I look like my mom a lot. My mom and I live in Southern Dublin all by ourselves. My dad... well, I'm not allowed to say swear words, but I know exactly which one I would use to describe him... he was actually taken when he met my mom and when he "created" me. So no wonder he moved somewhere else when I was born. Such a coward. I spend every summer and Christmas in Doncaster with my mom, my grandma and my best friend ever Louis Tomlinson. I don't know what I'd do without him. We have litterally grown up together. I was there when he was born (even though I can't remember it, I was only 3 months old) on December 24th, 1991. He was there when I started walking, and vice versa. He was the first one (after my mother naturally) to notice my body was changing and made fun of me for it. He has lots of qualities, the major of which is the natural ability to make people laugh. And he loves music as much as I do. He's just so important to me. It isn't the first time I've tried for the X Factor. I tried last year with my girlband the Earthly Girls. Now that I think of it, I must admit its a really stupid name. We got to the final Bootcamp results. I was quite upset. Nope, I was REALLY sad... until Simon Cowell came looking for me backstage (!) and personally asked me to come back this year and thats what I did. As soon as I saw those four faces staring at me I smiled and I heard a few applauses. I quickly explained who I was, and I started singing Shontelle's "Impossible". I recieved wonderful comments. Simon in particular seemed extremely pleased to have asked me back and was behaving like "I told you so". I was so SO happy to have recieved 4 yesses. All on me own!! I think Louis has tried out as well, I wonder if he got through, he hasn't called me yet. We'll see...
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