Never again

My life, it started out fine until, I came face to face with the person I was trying to get away from.


1. No i'm not going.

Rosie's P.O.V

"Listen Rosie, listen to me" Grace, kept babbling on about something, but my mind was somewhere else, "Earth to Rosie" She said waving her hand in my face.Snapping me out of my thoughts and into reality, "What is it?" I asked as we continued walking along the dusty country lane. "So as I was saying" She began "We got invited to a party this weekend" She nearly screamed, "What? we got invited to a party When?, Where? How?, Who?" I was bombarding her with question after question. "Harry Styles" She said slowly, That's when my mouth dropped open, Not Harry Styles, he is the most annoying jerk, in the school, "I'm not going" I said crossing my arms, "You have to, its the party of the year" She said dragging my arm, "No, no no no no" I said shaking my head, "Well you are, Harry is the hottest boy in school, So please please please" She begged. "Fine" I said, but I wasn't happy, We made our way to my house, I hugged Grace as I made my way to the front door, "Bye" She shouted as I walked up the drive way, and fumbling with the keys, "Bye" I said closing the door. "Hi Mum" I shouted taking of my white converse and walking in through the glass door, "Hi Darling" She said hugging me tightly, She was covered in flour, "What ya cooking there?" I asked trying to take a peak in the plastic bowl, "Cookies" She shouted smiling. "I'm going up stairs" I said rushing out of the kitchen and making my way up the wooden stairs. That party only spells disaster. 


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