This is a poem I wrote. Can't really say much else but I hope you enjoy it...


1. The poem

It was caliginous that day

She braves the rain

Water falling into trees 

Seized by the leaves 

Buttoning the coat up to her throat

Claustrophobic clouds hang

Above her head

Nature mutes any other noise

The silence is harsh

Wrapping itself around her

Like some smothering pillow 

Inky black water

Sliding along the riverbank

Gliding under the gaping mouth of the bridge

The surface ripples with rain

Hiding the creatures below

It occurs to her that

When the weather is like this

Cold, unforgiving, bleak

Nothing makes much of a difference



It’s all the same

A feeling of pain, or was it remorse?

Hits her in the face abruptly

Turning, she rushes towards the warm

Shuts the door

No pauses, full stops


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