Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


4. why don't they like us, what have we done?

Niall's P.O.V


I sat on one side of the 3 seated sofa, Emily opposite! I looked at her and half smiled, she just looked away! 

"so..." I said and she looked at me again, 

"so what?" She said and i just looked at her like she was stupid, did she not know what i was here for, i was here to see why she kissed me?

"so, why did you kiss me then pull away and run out the house, At ours you were being so kind, so carefree around us and now you hardly speak, or even look at me, you changed your mood towards us withing a matter of 10 minutes!" I said and she looked down, but looked up straight away!

"I DON'T NEED, OR WANT YOU NIALL WHY ARE YOU HERE?" She suddenly exploded all over me and i just looked at her. Before she could say anymore i lent in close brushed my lips against her's, quickly crashing them against hers! She didn't kiss back, instead she pushed me off her with great force and i just looked at her

"I thought that was what you wanted!" I said and she shook her head rapidly 

"NO NIALL, NO THAT WAS NO WHERE NEAR WHAT I WANTED!" she exploded again and i just looked down, muttering something to myself.

"What did you say!" Emily said and i just looked at her. Shit now i have to tell her

"I said that wasn't what you showed at mine!" I whispered slightly and before i could do anymore i felt an un familiar pain spread on my cheek! she had slapped me. There was now a very large amount of tension in the room as she looked angrily at me! I cupped my cheek in slight pain, but before i could react i was torn apart from the couch now standing on the floor. 

"Were going!" I heard a frustrated voice say and Lou was pulling me to the door! I followed not hesitating. As soon as we reached our own house, Louis ran upstairs and i heard his door slam! I heard a small thud on the floor. I ran up after him and i could hear crying noises coming from his room. 

"Louis open up!" I said knocking on the door loudly, after a few minutes he opened it and his eye's were red. I walked in shutting the door behind me, We both sat on the bed and he looked upset. I was hurt, badly! When im hurt i don't show it i try my hardest to hide from everyone, then when no one is around i would let out all my feelings, Louis on the other hand, wouldn't! He just let's them out. 

"She slapped me Ni, Told me to get out, told me she didn't need me, that she hated me! What have i done?" He said and i just looked at him in shock

"Lou that was near the same to what Emily shouted at me, She told me she didn't need me and she hated me and i thought she was just upset, But she wasn't as i got showed, I crashed my lips on hers and she pushed me away. I said that i thought that was what she wanted but it wasn't and she slapped me!" I said to Louis and he looked at me shocked

"WHAT HAVE WE DONE?" Louis said raising his voice and i shook my head

"calm down Louis, what i wanna know is why don't they like us?" I asked and walked out his room, to my own. I walked to my window looking out at the view i had, and by view i mean Emily and Nixie's garden and some of there house Me and the boys and Emily and Nixie had the 2 biggest houses on the block. Emily and Nixie were stood by there sunbathing chairs and it looked like they were both crying! They started to hug and i couldn't take it anymore, i closed my curtains and lunged my self onto my bed pulling out my phone and clicking on twitter. I started to tweet

@Niallofficial: Met the princess i was waiting for, but it's much more complicated then i expected to be! i love you Emily, why can't you understand that?

I pressed tweet regretting putting her name and more questions were being asked then ever before. I sighed and just starred at the ceiling, Will she ever love me as much as i realized i loved her! 

Emily's P.O.V


I waited for, Louis and Niall to leave the house, watching as Louis pulled on Niall's arm forcing him to leave the house, Not that i wanted him to stay but... I saw the door of there house slam shut and i started to fill the house with tears! I buried my head into the pillows and screamed slightly into it as i thought of all the things that had happened within the space of 2 hours. 

"H-hey Em i heard an all to familiar sad voice of Nixie! I looked up at her and she was crying. 

"H-Hey nix" I said feeling a tear slide down my face! she smiled slightly and hugged me tightly, i wrapped my hand round her tightly squeezing her!  

"that didn't work!" Nixie said and i looked at her shaking my head! I thought about what had just happened and started to feel more tears pouring. 

"I-I love h-him nix, I love N-Niall!" I said and rushed out to the background. 

"Emily wait.." I heard Nixie say as she ran after me, i stopped just standing still Nixie standing next to me! 

"I love L-Louis t-too!" I heard her whisper and i looked at her before giving her a tight hug! 

"I don't want to i can't tell him, i ill not tell him, but when i kissed him it felt so, so magical!" I said and she took my hand in her's nodding

"I know..." Nix said and i just sighed. i hate boys, why are they so complicated.....

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