Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


2. tease him

Nixie's P.o.v


I really didn't wan't to go to this dinner but they were being nice and they had good bodies! Haha! i wanted to see there garden, they were rich obviously there in a world wide boy band, loaded with money. I sneaked into my back garden, Emily was there sunbathing on one of the chairs we had brought last summer, she had a drink of rose in one hand her phone in the other, I laughed at her and sneaked to the fence, we had a hole in it that when ever our old neighbors were in the garden we would spy. I looked through and as i expected it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! A Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a massive one may i add, a large amount of sun bathing chairs and a shaded decked area with a barbecue. I walked over to Emily and sat on the chair next to her. 

"They have everything!" I said and she just frowned

"They're rich, of course they have everything, there stuck up and have to big an ego!" Emily said and wen't back to her phone, what she was doing i had no idea, instagram i expect. i grabbed her drink from her hands and took a sip handing it back, she just looked at me and i shrugged my shoulders 

"What?" I said loudly and she laughed shaking her head 

"Nothing!" she said back and yet again looked back at her phone. I could fell a pair of eye's on me, it was feeling awkward! I looked around the garden i thought i saw a face at the fence, after looking twice i saw the blonde boy Neil, Niall, one of them. i walked over to him not realizing what i was wearing and His friend Lewis, Louis, Liam, oh i dunno but it began with L anyway. His friend looked at me and wouldn't stop. 

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" I snapped and he looked down. He had a light brown hair with bright-ish blue eye's. i was wearing my strapless blue and green polka dot bikini top and very short shorts, that were deep blue at the bottom and get lighter towards the top

"still up for tonight!" Niall, i now recognized him as stood on the fence, Emily had now joined me and she was wearing her flowery bikini top and purple short shorts, they were also deep purple and get lighter towards the top! I noticed Niall would trace her with his eye's then get eye contact with her and look away blushing. 

"Yeah, were still coming!" Emily snapped moodily obviously not happy to have to be near people she despised of, We both loved there music but we still hated them. 

"well see you later!" He said blushing as Emily walked sexily towards the sun bed obviously knowing that They were watching her. He walked away and Me and Emily started to laugh hysterically. We walked inside to get another drink and change into something for the dinner. Me and Emily walked in before flopping on the bed in my room together. 

"I don't want to go to this dinner" Emily wined and i laughed evilly, 

"Neither do i but i have a plan!" I smirked and she looked at me her eye's twinkling with a smirk written on her face. I was known for pulling pranks, living forever young and not caring, Emily was known for eating to much and messing around, and laughing to much! 

"Whats your plan? TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL MEEEE!" Emily begged and i laughed 

"Okay okay calm down, Anyway what were going to do is dress really nice and then we have to be all flirty with them! Then we have to act like we want, Sex from them and drag them upstairs see what they do!" I said and Emily just looked at me wide eyed

"But then they will think we like them!" Emily whined and i looked at her funny

"Yeah but when they start to get into it you walk to there door and say JOKING and run downstairs" I said and she burst out laughing probably picturing it in there mind. 

"I know exactly which one will fall for it, I will take blondie!" Emily shouted and i nodded 

"Okay, i'll tease the louis one!" I said and she laughed before getting up and walking to her room. 

"Can't wait any way going to get pretty!" She said and laughed. I laughed and Headed to my wardrobe. I flicked through the clothes before spotting the most outfit ever! It was very short shorts That were ripped and were washed with different shades of red, To go with it i found my blue, pink and yellow crop top and but that on over my bikini top. I smiled at myself in the mirror and rushed to my make up, i grabbed my foundation bottle and put a little splodge on rubbing it in. I coated my eye lashes with about 4 coats making them stand out, they had gone perfect as well! I put my favorite peach colored lip-gloss on and grabbed my Phone.I composed a new text!

To: Emily Boo!<3

I'm ready looking pretty darn cute, you done yet! if not hurry up!

From: Nixie Boo!<3

I don't know why we call each other Boo it's just something we've always done! I pressed send and withing seconds she had replied

From: Emily Boo!<3

Yeah i'm done can't wait to see you all cute haha i think i look just as darn cute as you will!

To: Nixie!<3


I laughed and called her i wanted to talk to her for some random reason!

"Hey Nixie!" She sung over the phone

"Hey!" I chimed back

"step out your door in 3....2...1" We opened the door and she looked so cute. Emily was wearing Ripped short shorts like me but they were washed with different shades of blue, She was wearing her bikini top with a blue and red crop top! 

"OMG WE LOOK SO CUTE!!!" we both squealed through the phone before hanging up on each other and laughing more then expected. We walked to each other and smiled checking out each other's make up and outfits. I gasped looking at my phone and grabbed Emily's arm dragging her downstairs 

"Were late by 10 minuets!"  squealed and she just rolled her eye's grabbing her vans and plopping them on. 

"Stay calm, it's one direction they can wait!" Emily said handing me my flip flops, I put them on and we left the house! i knocked on the door and stood off the step next to Emily. 

"oh he- woah!" The blondie said as he eyed Emily from the top of her head to the ground and back up again! 

"Hi.." Emily managed to say and i elbowed her she instantly knew what i ment and she perked up. 

"C-come in!" He stuttered breathlessly and me and Emily just managed to hold our laughs in. We stepped in taking our shoes off and placing them on the floor by the door. Blondie was trailing behind us along with Louis. I only knew he was called Louis because Emily's and i's younger sisters are obsessed with them! Well there not really young there 18 but still, were 19 living life carefree Forever young! Emily's sister is called Rhianna, she has long brown hair and bright blue eyes, whereas Emily has green! My sister is called Brooke she's got hazel colored hair that is wavy and long, her eye's are Green just like Emily's whereas mine are brown! 

"Would you like a drink girls?" I heard a boy say, We turned around and Louis was stood by the kitchen door. 

"Urmm yeah okay!" Emily said "Cocktail please!" She said again and Louis nodded his head. 
"And you? cocktail as well?" Louis asked me and i nodded, he turned around and jogged back to his work space in the kitchen. 

"Get your self into gear girl..." Emily said to me and i looked at her


"Fucking flirt with him!" She said again before smiling at Louis as he walked in carefully holding our drinks. 

"Thanks!" We both said taking our drink. We followed him to the garden and Louis looked me in the eye, I smiled and winked making him blush a bit! I started to laugh as Emily went to sit next to blondie, she winked at me and smiled widely mouthing that she was going in for her kill! I decided to text my sister asking her what each of there names where. 

To: Brooke

From: Nixie<3

hey what are the names of the boys from one direction? xxx

To Nixie<3

From: Brooke

The one with blonde hair is Niall, Niall Horan, The boy with swishy blonde hair and bluey green eye's is Louis, Louis tomlinson, The boy with Black hair and a tattoo sleeve is Zayn, Zayn malik, The one with brown hair and brown eye's is Liam, Liam payne and the boy with brown curls and Green eye's is Harry, Harry styles! xxx

 I mentally cheered knowing there names is a bonus! I texted Emily telling her blondies name and she text back thanking me. 

"Niall would you like to come get a drink with me!" Emily said resting her hand on his leg. he nodded and got up, Emily trailed behind him and winked at me laughing. 

"Louis, can we go sit on our own somewhere?" I asked him and he smiled,

"of course, urmm my room?" He said and i nodded Perfect now i can make my move. We walked in the kitchen past Niall and Emily and she had attached herself to Niall. He was kissing so passionately, i felt sorry for the poor girl, suppose i have to do that for Louis though! Louis looked at them and smiled 

"I knew he liked her.." He said walking up the stairs! SHIT! Niall likes Emily!!!! Shit Shit double SHIT! 

"You okay you looked worried?" Louis said turning round half way up the stairs. 

"What...No i'm fine!" I said and he smiled 

"Okay" he stated and carried on upstairs i followed and we sat on his bed. I looked at him as he played with his fingers! i looked at him, Well this is it i'm really doing it. I forced myself to lunge at him and attach my lips to his! i could feel him grown beneath me already and it surprisingly felt good, The way his lips intoxicated with mine, the way he would grip the back of my head pushing me closer to him the way he would...Shut up Nixie what the hell are you on about! I pulled away from him and ran to the door. I couldn't do it. I ran to the kitchen and pushed apart Emily and Niall. 

"we have to go home...NOW!" i said pulling Emily to our shoe's She shoved them on and she looked worried, confused, upset all sorts of mixed emotions!

"Bye!" Me and Emily shouted and i dragged her to our house!

"Me and Emily fell against the door both our head in our hands. i grabbed her hand as a tear slipped from her eye

"I can't believe it..."

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