Nightmares do turn to dreams

It happens in movies. you fall in love with the boy next door. The one with the gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and most amazing body. But that's a movie. Its not real. I know that for a fact. I vow that I will never fall in love with the boy next door. Even if he happens to be a member of One Direction.


8. i want to but i can't

Niall's P.O.V


I sat watching Emily play with Harper! She was the sweetest kid ever. I've always wanted my own kid but i've never found someone that will settle with me! For me it's always been heartbreaks and short relationships! 

"Aunty Emily?" I heard a small cute voice say bringing me out my trance. 

"Yes sweetie!" Emily said in her beautiful voice. and Harper looked at me, 

"Is that your boyfriend?" She sweetly said toddling over to me and sitting on the space next to me on the couch! Emily looked down a glassy effect took over her eye's but she blinked them away! I knew exactly what she was thinking but i just couldn't say it

"No Harper sweetie, he's not just a friend!" She said a puzzled look on her face. Harper smiled and jumped on my lap

"Can you be my friend to!" She chanted a cheesey grin on her face, I laughed and Nodded 

"of cource Love, I'm Niall!" i said smiling at her, she giggled wrapping her chubby arms around my neck and hugging me tight, I hugged her back before she let go and hopped off! She started to run around the room,

"i've got a new friend, i've got a new friend!"  We all laughed until she said something that made me crack up! "Hey you have the same name and hair as someone from one direction, I love that band!" Emily went wide eyed but i just laughed 

"Yes, sweetie i am from One direction and that person who took your mummy out for a bit of a fun time is also from one direction!" Emily smirked trying to hold in a stiffled laugh as i said fun time! Harpers eye's became massive and she ran to me and hugged me, putting sweet little kid kisses all over my cheeks. 

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!" She shouted before settling on My lap and resting her precious head full of brown hair that formed ringlets at the bottom. I twirled my finger in some of her ringlets hoping to make her fall asleep so that i could talk to Emily. 

"Niall i'm tiered!" She whispered her eye's almost closed. 

"It's alright sweetie fall asleep i'll take you to bed!" I said and with that she was asleep. "do you wanna say goodnight before i take her upstairs!" I asked Emily and she nodded.  

"Night Harper, Love you!" She said kissing her small forehead. "Niall do you even know where her room is?" Emily asked me and i shrugged 

"I'll find it!" I said walking upstairs, I opened the first door, nope that's the bathroom, urmm this door, no! The 3rd door i came to had a decorated door with One direction posters and Painted in a beautiful font read HARPER! 

"Well im guessing this is your room sleeping beauty!" I whispered stroking some hair away from her small blue eye's now covered by her eye lids! I set her in her bed covering her in her One direction cover! She was compleatly in love with me and the band! I walked out quietly closing the door and running down the stairs before walking calmly again to the living room! Emily was sat on the couch watching t.v. 

There's a secret about me and Emily that no one knows and that secret is the reason stopping us from getting together! I love her with all my heart but i just can't do it to her! 

"How do you think Louis and Nixie are getting on?" Emily said and i laughed 

"Oh they will be doing just fine i can assure you, He's got some tricks rolled up his sleeve, even if he doesn't look like it!" I said and Emily laughed, God her laugh is amazing, so delicate and giggly! I smiled at her. 

"Wonder if they will get together after there "play date" I think they will Louis is in LOVE with her!" She said and i started to laugh. 

"Play date hahaha, Yeah i expect they would of done!" I said and grabbed the remote turning over the channel. 

"Hey, give it back!" Emily shouted as she tried to scramble for it but i held it up high so that she couldn't reach. "NIALL..." she said again but i didn't let her. She finally grabbed it and our hands brushed each others! my stomach did back flips as i starred at her, she starred back her brown eye's looking straight into me. 

"Urmm.. sorry!" I said and handed her the remote

"It's uhh.. alright!" She said and we sat awkwardly for about 5 minutes before the door was pulled open and Nixie ran in, She grabbed Emily and pulled her upstairs! I'm guessing i should go. I founf a post-it note and a pen and wrote on it to say i was going 

To Emily and Nixie and of cource my sleeping beauty, Harper

I'm going now, Nixie you must have ALOT to tell Emily! cya again sometime

Hope you had FUN! Nixie bye! 

Niall xx

I set it on the table and left my head drowned in the thoughts of Emily! I love her but i just couldn't tell her! 


sorry for short chapter just a fill in/ cutesy chapter Hope you liked it, new chapter SHOULD be up tonight 

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