The new life

Daisy Turner is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She's a Directioner and her bestfriend is a Belieber. One day Daisy decides to audition for X-factor to see if her talent is good enough. Will she get the four yes? Will she meet her idols? Read to find out!


7. Zayn.

Daisy's P.O.V

Today's Wednesday, Zayn was going to take me to the zoo, we sat inside a limo and it drove off, "When did you start singing?" He asked as I looked away from the window.

"When I was about four years old." I replied smiling at him.

"Awesome." He smirked.

"So, you and Perrie, still together?" I asked as he nodded proud.

"What do you think of Niall?" He smirked as I bit my lips holding in my smile.

"He's nice." I smiled as he chuckled.

"And?" He smirked.





"What do you want me to say?" I chuckled.

"Do you like him?" He grinned.

"Yes of course." I replied as the limo stopped.

"No, do you like-like him?" He licked his lips as I let out a laugh.

"Why? Does he like me?" I asked as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe." He smirked as the driver opened the door. 

We stepped outside and walked into the zoo. I love animals, all kind.

"Let's look at the monkeys." I said grabbing his hand as we walked through the crowd.

People were starting to take pictures of us while we were at the zoo, I was not used to it, but Zayn was. Two girls came up to us asking for pictures, I thought they only wanted a picture with Zayn so I stepped to the side. But one of the girls dragged me next to her. Suddenly more people wanted to take pictures, so One Direction's security had to make them take a few steps back, people were screaming and I even heard some of them shout my name. We were getting mobbed as the security tried to take us out of the zoo. But there were only two securities, Zayn and I had to walk between them, someone tried to drag me into the crowd but one of the securities dragged me back. We got out of the zoo and into the limo again.

"Sorry about that." Zayn said as we tried to catch our breath. 

"No it's okay. It was kinda cool." I chuckled as the limo started to drive.

"So tell me more about yourself." He smiled as I sat up straight.

"My bestfriend is a belieber, her name is Leah, I live with my mom and brother, I love fashion! If the singing didn't work out I wanted to design clothes and stuff." I told him as he gave all his attention to me.

"Which other celebrities do you like?" He asked as I made a thinking voice.

"Demi Lovato, Jaden Smith, Rihanna, 5SOS." I said as he raised his eyebrows.

"You like 5 seconds of summer?" He asked as I nodded.

"Who's your favorite?" He asked, "Ashton." I chuckled.

"You into drummers huh?" He smirked as I nodded.

"Let's get something to eat, how about pizza?" He smirked as I nodded.

"My favorite food!" I said exited as he laughed.

He told the driver to go to the nearest pizza place. On the way there we were just chatting mostly about my life. We got into the restaurant and ordered our food.

"You brother's such a rebel." Zayn chuckled as we found our seat.

"What did he do?" I smirked.

"You know how it is a height limit on the rides right?" He said as I nodded, "Well, your brother couldn't take a ride and he told the man working there to go fuck himself." 

My eyes widened when Zayn told me, "Are you serious?" I asked as he nodded laughing.

"I swear I didn't learn him that. I think it was my bestfriend." I claimed as the pizza came.


We got home after eating pizza, it was pretty late, Max came running to me and hugged me. I carried him into his bedroom and layed him in bed, "Zayn told me about you saying a bad  word yesterday." I told Max as his eyes widened.

"But that jerk didn't let me take the ride." I pouted as I giggled.

"You have to be nice, rules are rules." I told him as he groaned.

"Yes I know." He sighed as I kissed his forehead.

I stepped out to the livingroom to say goodnight to the boys, they sat on the couch.

"I'm going to bed now, who's taking me out tomorrow?" I asked as Liam raised his hand.

"Great." I smiled, "Goodnight boys." I said.

"Goodnight Daisy!" They said simultaneously.

I walked up to second floor, but before I got into my bedroom someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Zayn. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my cheek.

"W-why?" I asked as he smiled.

"Thanks for a great day." He winked and went downstairs again.

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