The new life

Daisy Turner is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She's a Directioner and her bestfriend is a Belieber. One day Daisy decides to audition for X-factor to see if her talent is good enough. Will she get the four yes? Will she meet her idols? Read to find out!


5. What just happened?

Niall's P.O.V

All the lads sat on the couch waiting for Daisy, suddenly the front door opened and we all stood up. And there she was, a big smile came on my face as soon as I saw her. She looked over at us as her eyes widened. A huge smile was planted on her face as she walked over to us. 

"Hii." We said simultaneously.

She just smiled and hugged Liam, then Zayn, then Louis, then Harry, then she looked up at me with her blue eyes sparkling. She bit her lips and hugged me tight.

"I'm going to tour with you guys." She smirked as we cheered.

"I know Niall's excited about it." Louis teased as she giggled.

"When's the first concert?" She asked looking at me.

"In one week, so you can chill out with us, you know, get to know us better." I replied as she smiled.

"Oh, not to sound like a freak, but I know pretty much about you, but you can get to know me better." She smirked as we laughed.

Suddenly this little boy came over to us, she picked him up as he looked at us.

"Is this the guys who you're going to sing with?" He asked pointing at each one of us.

"Yes it is." She replied kissing him on his cheeks.

"Guys, this is my little brother Max." She said as he waved to us.

Daisy's P.O.V

The management left so Max and I was alone with the boys, I was so happy to finally meet them! But I honestly expected them to be taller, like Niall is probably just 6 cm taller than me. But Harry was taller than I expected.

"So, how are we going to do this?" I asked as they looked confused at me.

"What?" Liam asked as I shrugged my shoulders.

"How are we going to get to know eachother? Everyone chatting on the couch or over dinner?" I explained as they started to think.

"How about..." Harry started as everyone looked at him, "You spend a whole day with each one of us? And the rest of the boys can babysit Max" He continued as we all agreed.

"I don't need a babysitter, I can take care of myself." Max said and we laughed.

"Let's start tomorrow, it's getting late." Louis spoke, "You're going to stay here, you can use the bedroom upstairs to the right." He continued as I nodded.

"And Max?" I asked Louis.

"The room across the hall." He smirked as I nodded.

I carried Max to his room placing his luggage inside too. I placed him on his bed and kissed his forehead.

"You gonna be alright?" I asked as he nodded.

"Goodnight." He said as I covered him in the blanket.

"Goodnight." I smiled and walked out of his bedroom.

I quietly closed his bedroom as I turned around facing Harry. I jumped and he chuckled.

"Didn't mean to scare you there." He smirked as I looked behind him.

"No, it's okay, where's the other boys?" I asked looking back at him.

"They went to bed." He told me.

Suddenly right before I was going to walk past him his lips crashed with mine, at first I tried to push him back, but then I kinda liked it...

He stopped kissing me and took a few steps back.

"I..." I said blinking a few times, "What just happened?" I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

"You'll be spending time with me tomorrow." He smirked and winked at me before he walked away into his bedroom.

I shook my head standing there all confused before I walked into my own bedroom.

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