The new life

Daisy Turner is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She's a Directioner and her bestfriend is a Belieber. One day Daisy decides to audition for X-factor to see if her talent is good enough. Will she get the four yes? Will she meet her idols? Read to find out!


2. I'm through

Daisy's P.O.V

Demi, "It's yes from me."

Simon, "I'm going to say... Yes."

Britney, "Difinitely yes."

L.A, "A big yes from me."

The judges said as I got down on my knees letting all my tears out, the crowd cheered so loud as I got up again and thanked them. I went off stage and down the stairs to my family and Leah. We group hugged. I picked up Max and he kissed me on the cheek, "I knew it!" He said as I laughed.

"I'm through to the next round!" I cheered while we were heading to the exit.

"I knew you would make it!" Leah said as I wiped away my tears.


I brought up my laptop and placed it on my desk. I logged into twitter and saw that I've gained 100 new followers, wow. 

'I'll dare to dream. Got through on x-factor today, and I would've never auditioned  if it wasn't for you guys, @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik'

I tweeted to the guys hoping that one day they'll notice me. I checked my new followers when suddenly I saw that Demi Lovato followed me.

"Oh my god." I whispered to myself.

In four days I will go on bootcamp, I've got an e-mail from X-factor that said I will be compete against agirl named Janet Lynch. I was really nervous.

I closed my computer and went to bed.



I arrived X-factor with my bestfriend and  family, we all sat on a bench as I hummed to the song 'Listen by Beyoncé' which was the song me and Janet were going to perform.

We have practiced together and I really hope nothing goes wrong, the security told us to go on stage and we did. Demi, Simon, L.A and Britney was sitting on their chairs as the song came on, Janet started to sing her verse. When she finished I took a deep breath before starting on my verse.

We finished the song and got off stage, this time I had to show more attitude and self-control. I couldn't show that I was nervous.

Hours went before every participants had to get on stage. everyone sat down on the floor as Simon starter to speak, "Can Trey and Evan stand up." 

The two competitors stood up standing next to eachother.

"The one who have to go home.." Simon said making a dramatic pause, "Is Evan."

Evan started to cry right away walking off stage. My body started to shake when Simon called me and Janet's name. We stood up standing next to eachother. I couldn't stop shaking.

"The one who have to go home is.." Simon said  again with a  dramatic pause, "Janet."

My eyes widened as I  covered my mouth with my hands, "Oh my god." I breathe as tears were rolling down my face.

I gave Janet a hug before I went off stage, I ran over to Trey who also got through and hugged him. He hugged back, I ran over to Leah, mom and Max and hugged them all at the same time.

"I'm through to the judges house." I cried on my mom's shoulder.

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