Excuses excuses.

Hi, the first chapter explains more. There will only be two chapters, the first explaining the second, and the second with the monologue type entry.


2. excuses excuses

Bullies. We get taught that there's always an underlying reason for them. Bad childhood, abuse, issues. Thing is, I don't think it's an excuse. I feel that, if anything, it should make you more sensitive. But I also know that it's the truth. I wouldn't classify myself as a bully, but I have gotten meaner, less trusting, more violent and just worse. And it's nice to have something to blame. But the truth is, I can't blame my history for what I've become. It's me. As much as I try to push my true self down, she comes bursting to the surface, gasping for breath. My temper and violent nature have beaten down the nice facade now. I don't t like being me anymore. I don't like being who I am. I know if I carry on the way I'm going I will end up friend and job less because I'm being unsociable. I know that the experiences mean nothing. And I know that excuses, can sometimes trick you into thinking you have a reason. And sometimes, you don't.

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