Im not wanted I get it

I'm not important anymore why try with life


1. change

If I could change one thing about my life I would change......Ummmm... I would probably change meeting ... Ummm.... My brother. I said to my therapist.
Why would you change meeting your brother dont you love him? She asked
No. Its not that. Its.... I dont know how to explain this.... I guess he just doesn't love me. I tried to explain
I dont think thats true do you? She said
Did you see the news? I asked
No she said simple
Zayn Malik is my brother and if you watched the news he said HE doesn't want to have to Deal with ME! HE doesn't love ME! I screamed crying
Are you okay she asked
I dont need a therapist I need a friend can you just stop being a therapist for like 10 minutes please I said
of course you know im always here for you.

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