Hard Core Ash

For the street slang competition. Ash is a fourteen year old English and quarter Spanish girl who lives with her mother. They live in the rowdy areas of London. Where drugs,rape, murder. There just an ordinary thing in the area. Life for Ash is a obstacle in her way to success. Can Ash ever overcome her obstacle? or will her obstacle overcome her?


1. Hard Core Ash

"Te amo."

I waited for so many years for my mother to say that to me. I know my mother loves me. But hearing those words from he, brought tears to my eyes.

"Now go!" mother voice shouted.

I took out a three ten pound notes from mother handbag, and slipped it into my pocket. I opened the door, and walked outside. To be welcomed by a thrill of cold breeze. My chestnut brown hair flew in the wind. Making me look very mad.

"Look who it is, hard core Ash!" someone exclaims loudly.

"Puta furcia!" a guy  shouted.

Great. That was the only thing they hadn't called me yet. Now, I've been called every single horrid name in the world. I tried not to think much about what they called me. But sometimes I couldn't. They didn't know it hurt a lot.

"Shut up. Go and die you stupid geezer!" I snarled angrily, trying to calm my anger.

When in high school. I was year seven. A guy asked to pop in his bedroom and sleep with him. I told him to shut up, and leave me alone. Then he spread rumors what I apparently did. I got so angry. I stormed to him and bashed him up. Now I'll just let you know the guy I hit is still in coma. I take deep breathe and calm myself down. Ignore him. Ignore him. I repeat in my head. I walk past that guy and walk into my alley. Lovers-bite Road.

I know he's there before I see him. His brown hair that he's tied in a pony tail. His dark ocean blue eyes look at me. He looks me up and down, then smiles. I walk towards him, my eyes taking in up. I embrace him tightly. Tears trickle down my face and fall gently onto his t-shirt. His angular jaw line. His taunt chest that only I know how it looks like. He brushes a strand of my chestnut hair from my face, and presses sweet kisses on my neck. I inhale the intoxicating smell of him. I sob quietly. He's the only one that cares. My Shane. Shane holds my face gently, and inspects my face curiously.

"You've been crying. What's wrong?" Shane asks.

"Nothing." I lie.

"Don't try and lie to me Ash." Shane tells me.

"It's nothing Ash. Just a few words from people. Same old. Same old" I reassure him, rubbing his back.

"Ash. Please tell me." Shane asks.

"I was called puta farcia." I mumble.

"What!" Shane shouts.

He was also a quarter Spanish, and understood me like no one else.

"They taunt me. They call me dirty names. I try and be strong Shane. I do. But sometimes it hurts too much. I feel like dying." I sob.

Shane presses a finger to my lips, and wipes a tear that brims my eyes.

"Don't say that Ash. No one deserves to die, and if someone does it's them. Those stupid geezers who are so annoyin and cold blooded. They should die. Not you Ash." Shane tells me.

"Shane. I try so hard to be hard core Ash. To be strong but sometimes it's too much. It hurts a lot. They don't understand how it feels like. They don't understand that I'm just human too. I have feelings you know. They treat me like a piece of wood. Don't I have feelings Shane. Aren't I like them Shane." I cry painfully.

"You are Ash. You're beautiful, strong, brave, kind, caring. You're much better then all of those stupid geezers all together. You're the one that understands me like nobody else. You're beautiful Ashley, and I love you to pieces" Shane tells me, calling me by my first name.

"Ash. I love you more Shane. You're the only one who understands me Shane. I love you so much." I correct.

"My hard core Ash." Shane corrects himself, wrapping his arms around me.

Here with Shane. It felt so peaceful. I felt like nothing could hurt me. It felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be. A doctor. A lawyer. A police officer. Anything. That whatever everyone else said, they were just wrong. That they could say anything, and it would not break me. Here with Shane. Even though I lived in a horrible place, a ray of light will always shine on me.That I could be anything, and that because I lived on a streets. Didn't mean I was anything else then anyone else. That I could not do anything special. That just because so many street kids are involved with murder and alcohol. Didn't mean me.

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