Twisted Love

Two best friends, Ethan and Rita live in Paris and have spent their whole life together since they were 4. They go to London, only to forget their past. Rita realized she needed someone else other than just her and Ethan in her life. Rita finds pop star, Niall, and Ethan feels like a third wheel in the situation. Ethan reveals a secret, and scares Rita off. The two friends split up with no contact between them. Will they ever find each other again?


3. The Coffee Shop

Ethan works at the coffee shop down the street. His shift ends at 9. I take out my phone and look at the time. It's 8:58. I can make it if I run faster. I run down the street with my suitcase and stop in front of the Coffee Shop. I glance at the time again. 9:00. I think he should be out by now. I open the door to the coffee shop and the little bell on the door jingles.

"Um, we're closed!" I hear Ethan shout from the back of the store. I look around and the place is empty, except for Ethan. I see him gathering his things and I decide to scare him. I walk up to him and tap his shoulder on the opposite side of him I'm on. He quickly turns his head to that side and then looks over his other shoulder to see me standing there.

"Holy crap, Ri! You scared the shit out of me!" He yells playfully.

"Well hello to you too." I said. His face lit up.

"Oh, hey! What are you doing here!" He asked.

"Ok, look. Don't say anything to anyone," he nodded motioned to continue.

"but I ran away and I want to move in with you when you go to London..." I bit my lip.

"Why would you run away?!"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Ok! And of course, anything for you, Ri!" He said and welcomed a hug. I gratefully took it.

"You've got to stop doing that!"

"Doing what?" he asks, clearly confused.

"Being so nice...," I say. "Oh, and I brought my things!"

"Great we'll leave now then!"

*skipping the trip*

(at the new house)

"OMG, this is amazing." I said sliding my hand across the leather couch.

"And this is your room!" he said pointing to the door across the hall. I opened the door and walk in.

"This room is almost 5 times bigger than my old room!!" I slightly cringe at the thought of that house. I ran over to Ethan and tackled him over so that I'm straddling him. I looked down at him an he looked up at me. A smirk grew on his face and he puts his hands on my waist and tickles me. I squirm ad scream.

"ETHAN GIOVANNI TURNER STOP IT RIGHT NOW" I yell. He just chuckles, helps me up and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight" he says.

"Goodnight and NO MORE TICKELING." I reply. I walk back to my room and sit on the already made bed. I lay there and stare at the ceiling thinking about everything. Life, the future, past and I eventually drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day. My past doesn't exist anymore.

The day I come clean. New attitude, new me.

The day I start over. Life over.

Everything over.




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