From Echo's End to the Shadow's Wasteland, a great war is rising. It is rising slowly, creeping up on Serelia like an apocalyptic plague, taking over the minds of corrupted people to do it's bidding. The core of this insanity? A seven year old girl called Enchantia. What's stopping her being killed? I'm the only one who can touch her, anyone else is cursed.
My name is Immunity Sunshade. And I come from an alternate dimension named Serelia. A land of hope, a land of poison. And I'm coming back there.


1. Memory Returns

I first thing I saw when I woke up was a girl. She had a shoulder-length bob in a petrol blue tone, obviously dyed. Her round eyes sparkled like black diamonds in her childish, plump face. Her skin was a healthy pink colour, fading to a faint red on her cheeks. She wore a hooded cardigan in a mossy green colour, on top of a thin, clingy poloneck and a black miniskirt over leggings of the same colour. Her boots were green, and came up to her knees.

Her name was Memory. I had seen her before.

"You're lucky." She murmured, walking closer.

That's when I all came back to me. The bathroom. The cat. All of that blood.... Enchantia.

I should be dead. The last thing I remember was a bullet, rushing towards me from Enchantia's pistol, then a cold flash of pain.

As I glanced around me, I realised where I was. A hospital room. It was white, as most hospitals are. It seemed to be private, as there was no other patients. A huge window took up the right wall, showing a view of the city, bathed in the dying light of the setting sun. I always hated this time. The beginning of the night.

Memory snapped me out of my memories by sitting down on a plastic chair, her eyes staring at me. She was a very pretty girl, but would have been ripped apart in seconds in my old neighbourhood. It was a dark place. A very dark place.

"You were hit in the arm, You are so lucky, Immunity." Memory murmured, staring out into space, dreaming.

That girl had so much to dream of. Her one true love, who had been lost in a tornado. Her little sister, Respect, now queen of the vast country of The Shadow's Wasteland. Her parents, who she had lost, and weren't even meant to know she still existed. I, on the other hand, had nothing to lose. I was known as an outcast and a assassin in my home country, one of the police's most wanted. Heck with the police, I was the despised by my closest childhood friends, who now run rabid in the streets. My biggest enemy was a girl named Enchantia, though. She was only seven, but more dangerous than all my rabid friends put together. I had no family, they were killed off by Enchantia's late father. I got my revenge, though, in the worst way possible. I still remember the feel of the coarse rope against my fingers as I pulled the bowstring back, and let go, sending the ebony black arrow whistling through the air. I had thought of taking up archery in this world, but was dismayed when I learnt that they had stopped using wooden bows. I just liked the feel of it better. The metal sheen all over bows nowadays make them look too much like swords, bloody weapons of mass destruction. A bow is always silent, and beautiful, in the killing.

Memory and I pondered for a minute, it seemed like much more, then she got up.

"Respect contacted me." She said, seemingly speaking to thin air. Yet I was listening.

"What did she say?" I replied, "Does she miss you?

Memory grinned "Yes, she says she misses me." Her face darkened. "That's not all she has to say, though."

"So, what else?"

" She is having.... Problems with the dark creatures. They want to break free and take over Enchantia's place. She, as always, is blaming you. Anyway, there's also war brewing, two newly-discovered countries, Echo's end is one, we haven't named the other. But the most important thing I have to tell you...." She took a deep breath. "We want you to come back. Respect and I, with some help from Hope, will train you to become a REAL assassin. Your arm needs to heal, we understand,  but I have something for that. So, are you up for it?"

Lying back, I considered my risks. Certain death at the hands of Enchantia, that's one. Certain death at the hands of any other enemy I meet, that's too. Certain death either way, that's three. And, finally, four. My rivalry against the second most powerful queen on Serelia's sweet ground. Respect and I had this... thing...

I love risks. And that's just enough.

Turning my head back towards Memory, a mischievous smile playing on my lips, I asked her, "What's this thing?"

Pulling out a small, glass jar full of blue cream, she answered. "This. It's good cream, when you get out of the hospital, put ALL OF IT on your arm on the first night you get back. It's quite self-explanatory when you wake up in the morning. Just trust me, there's enchanted crystal in this."

"Thanks. I have complete faith in your magic cream." I took it, and stowed it away.

That's when the nurse came in, holding a small clipboard.

"Ah, Miss...?" She started, speaking to Memory.

"Miss Joy. Memory Joy." She replied.

"Ah. Miss Joy. Visiting times are over for today. If you want to keep on taking to your friend, please come back tomorrow!"

Memory nodded at her, walking towards the door. Before she left, though, she turned around and winked at me, before sauntering out. The nurse came to rest in her unoccupied chair, staring, bewildered, at the door.

"What was that about?" She queried, looking back at me.

I lied. No earthly human would believe anything I could tell her.

"I have absolutely no idea."


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