Million Buck$

Alexis Nicole King has always been rejected and denied by boys. She feels like she isn't pretty enough, isn't tall enough, isn't anything. When she and her friends, Ashley, Lindsee, and Jaimee go to Alexis' parents lake house, will she find love, or just heartbreak?


1. The Road Trip

Chapter 1

Alexis' pov

"Bye mom. Bye dad. See you in three months!" Alexis said as she walked out of her house and said goodbye to her parents. "Bye Alexis! We'll miss you, please be safe! Love you honey!" Her mom said. Alexis rolled her eyes and got in her Black Topless Jeep. 'Here I come, Lake House!' She quickly texted Jaimee and said,'im on my way. b ready for a summer full of adventure n no parents!' Jaimee texted back and said,'we r all ready to be picked up n we r ready for an amazing summer!' Alexis smiled to herself and shook her head. She drove to Jaimee's house and picked Jaimee, Ashley and Lindsee. Jaimee sat up front and Lindsee and Ashley sat in the back. "Lets go! I'm so excited!" Ashley and Lindsee and Jaimee said at the same time. Alexis laughed at the three and drove off towards the lake house. "Hey, Alexis. How long is the drive to the lake house?" Lindsee asked. "Um, about two hours. Why?" Well considering it is 6:30 in the morning and none of us have eaten can we stop at IHop?" Alexis nodded her head and turned downtown and drove to IHop. "Do you think our stuff will be okay in the trunk?" Jaimee asked. "Yeah. It should be fine. Come on lets go! I'm hungry!" Alexis said pulling on Jaimee's arm to get her to go in the diner. "Fine. Let go. I'll walk like a normal person." Everyone laughed and walked into the diner.

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