Million Buck$

Alexis Nicole King has always been rejected and denied by boys. She feels like she isn't pretty enough, isn't tall enough, isn't anything. When she and her friends, Ashley, Lindsee, and Jaimee go to Alexis' parents lake house, will she find love, or just heartbreak?


3. Lake House!!

Alexis' pov

We arrived at the lake house at 8:45 and we all chose our rooms and took little naps. I woke up first and I heard my stomach growl and unlocked my phone and it was 12:03! Wow we slept for a long time. I decided to get a shower and wake the girls up when I was done. I hopped in the shower and it woke me up right away! The warm water on my tense muscles for sitting and driving for two hours straight wasn't good for your back. I washed my hair and body and shaved all the necessary areas and got out. I dried my body off and put my hair in a towel. I walked into my room naked and was looking for something to wear when I heard the floor squeak.....................

Jaimee's pov

I walked in Alexis' room and couldn't believe what saw. She was naked and bent over. Her bottom was so round and soft looking, then I could see her clit and that got me really horny and wet. I walked over towards the door and I could see her breasts. They were so round and plump I could suck and rub them all day. 'I'm not a lesbian, why am I feeling this way?' I thought to myself. I switched feet to hold my weight and when I did the floor squeaked. I started to panic and my palms started to sweat and she turned around and stood up, looking at me. I blushed and looked down at my feet when she said,"Oh, hi Jaimee." "Sorry I didn't knock." I said panicking and feeling guilty. "Its fine, really. Just, lets try and not make it happen again," She said and looked at me hopefully. "Agreed." She smiled and said, "Why are you blushing?" I looked up and I said, "I don't know. I just feel bad for walking in without knocking." I looked up and she shook her head, "I said its fine. I mean it." She put her hand on my arm and started rubbing it. I smiled at her and hugged her, "Thanks for being the best friend ever!" She laughed and said, "Youre welcome. Help me pick what to wear." I walked over to her dresser and saw her clothes in a mess. "Jeez girl!" She laughed at my reaction. I looked and saw a white crop tanktop that would stop just above her belly button, with a starbucks drink on it. "Here. This with, these!" I picked up the starbucks green shorty-shorts and white wedges. She got dressed and I grabbed her arm and said, "Now come help me find what to wear." She smiled as I pulled her down the hall to my room. We walked in and I immediately shut the door and locked it. I stripped and she was sitting on my bed watching me. I smiled up at her and said, "Like what you see?" She nodded and blushed. I have 34c cup breasts and I was skinny. She was the same. I put my bottom facing her and sexily bent over and spread my legs a little so she could see my clit. She moaned quietly but I heard her. I picked up my clothes and put them in my en suite hamper. I walked back in my room and she was naked again. "Why are you naked again?" I asked. She bit her lip and walked over to me and started kissing me. I kissed back passionately and I layed her down on the bed so I was on top and she was underneath me. She started to rub my breasts so I did the same to her and we both moaned. We heard Lindsee and Ashlee go downstairs and turn on the tv. We took that as a sign that we could continue. I smiled at her and Sucked on her breast and she moaned. I then kissed down her belly and kissed her clit. She said, "Eat me, now,please." I obeyed and ate her. She came in my mouth and I put my clit in her face while hers was in mine and we did a 69. We both came at the same time and we licked each other clean. She then flipped so I was underneath her and she fingered me. She got off the bed and said, "Any sex toys?" I nodded and went to my suitcase and pulled out two dildos. She smiled and we got in the bed again,but I was on top and I spread her legs open as far as they could go and I put the dildo in her clit and thrusted it in and out of her until she came and we flipped. She did the same thing to me but faster. It felt amazing. I came and we cleaned eachothers cum off and we walked over to my dresser and she picked pink that faded into purple at the bottomou shorter shorts than hers, so they showed my butt cheeks at the bottom. She chose a white, kind-see-through crop top and said, "No undies or bra." She winked. I said, "Fine but, no undies or bra for you, either." She smiled and Iwe put makeup on and walked downstairs together.


Hey (A/N)!! They are all straight btw. And thank you for reading! Please vote comment and fav it!! Will try to udate when I can!! Lots of love-Amyxx

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