Million Buck$

Alexis Nicole King has always been rejected and denied by boys. She feels like she isn't pretty enough, isn't tall enough, isn't anything. When she and her friends, Ashley, Lindsee, and Jaimee go to Alexis' parents lake house, will she find love, or just heartbreak?


2. IHOP!!!!!!!!

Ashlee's pov

I walked in the door of the diner and was instantly hit with the smell of pancakes, toast, and sausage! I smiled in delight and I walked to a booth by the front windows. Jaimee followed and Lindsee and Alexis went to the bathroom. When they got back and sat down a waitress walked over and said,"Hi ladies! What would you like this morning?" She had long brown hair that was back in a fishtail braid. She had beautiful blue eyes and soft looking pink lips. I smiled and said,"ill take mocha frappacino. Also,would like some chocolate chip pancakes with sausage and toast." She smiled and wrote my order down. Alexis ordered Regular pancakes with sausage and bacon and a chocolate shake. Lindsee got the sunny sandwich, which was egg, cheese and bacon on sourdough toast, with a black coffee. It sounded good. Jaimee got the same thing I got with a water. The waitress walked away and Alexis started,"Since it takes about two hours to get to the lake house, we can eat lunch at a little café in downtown Lakeview. Lakeview is the town the lake house is in. It is really calm and there are a bunch of little shops we can go to. It is beautifu!" We laughed at her and Jaimee said,"How many bedrooms are there?" "There are four bedrooms. They all have their own en suites so that none of us have to share bathrooms. The rooms are all good or big sized rooms." Alexis said. "Yay!" I said. They laughed at me and shook their heads. As we finished talking, the waitress came back with our food and drinks. I was so hungry that when our food arrived my stomach rumbled with hunger! As soon as my plate was put in front of me I shoveled it in. I finished before everyone else and when they finished we asked to have drinks that we had with our meals to go, we payed and left. We drove off to the highway and started our adventure towards a summer full of fun, love, and swimming! Here we come Lakeview!

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