Teen Diary.

How many people have the same experiences you have with your confusing Teen Life? When Advice isn't enough... We Learn from someone ELSES mistakes and experiences. This is a collection of different FICTIONAL people's diary entries.
Cover by Mirlotta


2. They shared me with the world

Dear Diary,

Scott. Scott. Even writing his name sends a sharp tingle down my spine, only this time, it's not of love. It's of hate. HATE, HATE, HATE.

I don't think I could reveal this to anyone but a diary, something private, something mine, where nothing I put in it could ever be shared with the world. Not like that picture I sent Scott.

He told me he loved me. He told me he saw things in me, which no one else ever could. He told me he dreamed of me, and in his dreams we flew, hand in hand to the stars, together forever, our fates entwined.

I was naive enough to believe that stupid, poetic crap.

It was two days ago. It took a mere two days, two days for things to get completely out of hand. 

I wanted to be cool. After he told me I was his, I was fool enough to want things to stay that way. I was even more idiotic in my method in ensuring this. 

I sent him a picture. 

It sounds innocent, a sweet, simple picture doesn't it?

Not when the boy you shared it with shares it with the world.

Lord, I never knew how massive a network Facebook actually was. Never mind adding in sharing through instagram, twitter, texting...

I was naked in that picture.

My hand is shaking as I write this, it shames me, and scares me that random strangers could be looking at me, perving on me right now, this very second.

It's only a matter of time till my parents find out.

My reputation is ruined at school.

My friend's parents think I'm some kind of evil slut.

And it's all thanks to Scott.

"I only shared it with a few friends!" he said when I confronted him.

Yes Scott. Yes. But those friends shared it with the world.


( - By Mirlotta) 

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