Teen Diary.

How many people have the same experiences you have with your confusing Teen Life? When Advice isn't enough... We Learn from someone ELSES mistakes and experiences. This is a collection of different FICTIONAL people's diary entries.
Cover by Mirlotta


1. Strive to be noticed


Dear Diary,

I've been head over heels for the kid since I was 5. I remember it like it was yesterday... Our first kiss.....My first kiss... His first kiss. Even though I was only a little girl and the only thing I had to worry about were how long before my ice cream melted, it didn't matter. But that all changed the day it happened. And from then on I knew I would love and trust my best friend... Andrew all my life.


We were sitting on the jungle gym as usual. Even back then I was the outsider that had to be rescued by someone. The damsel in distress. That girl... the outsider.


I almost fell off, but Andrew grabbed my arm pulling me up single handedly. Even then he was strong and indestructible. I always wished I was like that. It made me quiver the way people held my life in the palm of their hand. But Andrew... When he did it, it made me feel alive.



That day I was just normally walking across the jungle gym's bars. At the time I had my mind set on being an acrobat. I would brag and brag to Andrew that I was the best in the world. Until it happened.... my foot slipped from underneath me. And all of a sudden it was like my life flashed like an old comedy strip, just before my eyes.


But just as my little beach blonde haired head almost banged against the mettle bars, I hung. I looked up to see Andrew's flushed face and red arms holding me up, Almost as if I didn't weigh anything. He brought me up into his arms holding my so tight I couldn't breath.


Just the way his scent developed around my nose made me feel crazy. A brilliantly sweet mix of his dad's cologne, Twizzlers and the sticky sweet smell of earth. He held me and whispered something so vivid in my ear that I felt like it was going to cave in.

The way his tiny chest brushed against mine.

"I will never let you go.... Never" He whispered. I looked up at him surprised and my face looked like a cherry tomato.

He gently moved his face down to me caressing his soft lips against mine in a soft, memorable peck. "Even though girls have cooties, I don't mind yours." He managed to say running me crazy. How could he be so sure he could survive my bad case of Cooties?

But that's besides the fact... Now that he's all grown up, all of that flushed down the drain. I'm not even sure if he remembers my name anymore.





(Tasha Muaah) xoxo

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