Am I In Lღve?!

"Am I in love?!" No I will never. Yes, I will never fall in love.
All this will change as soon as she meets the boy, in one kind of adventure.
"You love me, always and forever" who might say that?
Who will Emma fall in love with?
The question is who!?
As soon as Liam comes to her life, she will fall to him, in love


1. ღ Never in love ღ. (Intro)

My name is Emma 

And if there is one that you should know

That is I’m the one you shouldn't betray
So next time you see me and want to say "hi"
Don't even bother cause I will say "bye"
It's for me to walk on my own...

love has hurt me in way too much
For the pain is more than I can bear
the more I think the more it hurts
I try not to remember
for the past is closer than I think
forgetting is not an option
I must live the rest of my life in agony
love is worth everything
But in the end you always remember
that one person who took your heart and broke it


what is love? love is a feeling quite hard to describe, 
a desirable pain locked away inside 
even though the pain can torture our hearts 
we strive to find this emotion so loneliness 

dont tear us apart



i hate love, it gives you only pain. I never felt in love, cause iam afraid to be left broken. That what I thought, before I meet them...


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