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Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


9. Truth or dare


we all sat in a circle, and Harry went to get a bottle. The room was warm, and the air felt with a lovely scent. Harry came back with the bottle. As he spins it, it landed on me asking Liam. "Truth or dare" I asked, wishing he will choose dare. "Dare" yes! A smirk played in my lips, "I dare you to wear one of Abby tight dress with the blue strap, and let Abby make your makeup" he opened his mouth in a state of joke, while everyone starts to laugh so hard! " if u cut my dress, I will kill you" Abby said, as she dragged Liam to her room, doing my evil pan, ehehe. 

 We waited for 6 minutes, till they came back. First Abby came in, as she introduced us, "hello my audience! Today we got mrs.leeyum!!" All the bots were trying to save their laugh when they see Liam, but when Liam entered to the room, we all laughed a big laugh."hahaha!! You gotta see yourself!!" Louis said, while laughing and hitting the carpet with his hand, "you are dead" he pointed at me, I wink at him. We continued the game. " truth or dare" Louis asked me. "Truth" I smiled, I never ever choosed dare. " would you give a kiss to Harry or zayn?" He smirks at me. Oh god, I love them both.. "Both" I said. " no, only one"


in my heart I wanted to punch Louis, but this won't be bad, maybe she would choose me. "Both" she said. My heart broke to peices that shattered everywhere. "No, only one" Louis said. Harry is in ve with her, the way he looks at her, and the way he cared about her, answere me. "Zayn" she said. I looked up, at her direction, then looked at Harry, he seemed broken. "Okay...what Wong with this tense mood?" Louis asked. I gulped. Iam happy, she choose me over him! After all, he can't get the girl he wants!" 


my heart is hurting. Maybe I couldn't get the girl I want, "iam going to sleep" I said coldly, and went upstairs. Everyone looked at me, and I closed the door.


"Gotta sleep, good night everyone" everyone said bye, and I went upstairs, followed by zayn. "I love you" I said. He looked at me with wide eyes. "Me too babe" we both choosed the right room, and I went to the bathroom. So harrry rally planned, and got my stuff here. I feel bad for him, maybe gotta tell him, we are better as friends."iam going" I said. "Where!?" Zayn asked worriedly. "Harry" I said before closing the door shut. I knocked on Harry room. He opened to door, and I entered and sat at his bed. "What do you want?" He asked. I looked at his eyes, as he sat next to me. His green eyes,t hat matches his curly brown hair. " let's be close friends, will. We?"


author note:

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Love you all pumpkins!

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