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Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


2. Dreams and airports

I open my eyes slowly, at the song of "one thing" by one direction. I looked around the room, and shut the alarm. It seems a very sunny day, as I notched the steaks of light in my bedroom. I turned my back and faced the wall. While drawing with my index shapes in the wall, I thought if the perfect dream, I let my memories run again to the dream, with a sappy smile in my face..


i walk downstairs, to see one direction in the couch. I almost screamed, but Niall covers my mouth with his palm. I smile, as he leaned closer to me, and we both kiss softly, with full of passion, not the hard kind of kiss that Brandon used to have, but a full of love and caring. I went slowly down the stairs, with Niall's intertwined with my hand. I looked at his soft lips, as he is talking to me, but I don't really hear it.

 I sat on his lap, and I look at the boys, zayn stroke my cheeck with the back of his hand, they were soft and gently. Liam gave me a lovely breakfast, while Harry is kissing my cheeck. Louis seemed to feed me carrots, it is heaven. "So how is our wife?" They all asked in once.i giggle, "and how are my five husbands?"


i open my eyes again, as I saw Abby shaking me to wake up. "Wake up lazy ass!" She keeps on saying, while I gave her my back. "I want to sleep" I moan. She chuckled, as she remembered me about the concert, "forgot? We have a freaking airport to catch up, and some awesome terrific concert to visit!" I giggle, as I gave up the fight, as I walked naked to the bathroom, dragging my feet behind me. I could hear her chuckle. I open the water to run, and I could see the steam. I smiled widely as i sat down. Having a great bath, in a great day.


 I still couldn't believe it, not yet. Seeing one direction, was mine and Laura's dream. And here it is, all real and ready. When she told me first about it, I thought it was a prank, or a joke, but soon reliazed it wasn't a joke, but all real. I am still excited, and can't wait to have my full summer in London! Bradford isn't bad anyway, but imagine London?! 

 I knock the door. Here i am in Laura's house. Mr.hylton opened the door, as she welcomed me. We sat down, and talked about the vacation. She is areal nice mother. "Would you mind of you go up and wake her?" She asked me. I nod happily, as an evil smirk played on my mouth. I know exactly what iam going to do.

i walked slowly to the her room, and open it. She is still a sleep?! What a lazy ass! I shaked her, and begged her to wake up. No use. "Wake up lazy ass!" I said loudly enough, for her to hear. 

She turned her back to me, which cause me way more angry. " I want to sleep" she moan. I chuckle, as I reminded her of the concert. "Forgot? We have a creaking airport to catch up, and some awesome terrific concert to visits!" She giggles, and waked slowly to the bathroom. To be honest she walked naked, but it's fine we are both girls. I just open my mobile, and start playing angry birds.


when I finish the bath, I dressed up. I picked up my pink summer dress, which reached under my knees, it had a yellow strap in the waist. Nah to summer(y)! I threw it on the floor, as I picked up a white shirt written i love Irish, and a neon green pants. Perfect, all it is missing is ummm, I searched and found a scarf. I wrapped it around my neck, I put on some makeup, and accessories. I just put  Asmara and lipstick, that's all.

ahen I went out of the bathroom, I saw Abby playing with her mobile. "Finally" she whispered as she close her phone. "Ready?" She ask. I nod, as I grabbed my bag, while she already headed downstairs. She have no patience, sometimes. To be honest, I was so excited myself! I just can't believe it, not yet! Fast enough, I went downstairs, and gave my dad and mom hugs and kisses. "My mom and dad and one more thank you!" The giggle, as they hugged me tight. "Here is money@ my dad said, giving my a credit card. I thanked him alot, and gave our last goodbyes. I followed Abby to her car, and we both put our bags in the back, while we seated in our seats. Iam so excited! She drives to the airport, and all the way we were fangirling, about everything. 

When we reached the airport, she parked her car, and we got inside. (I don't like to describe about what happened inside) we put the bags, and gave our tickets. My parents seem gave us a VIP ticket. We smiled at each other, as we seated down next to each other. 

When the airplane was on air, a guy from the back asked us for tissues. Wait a minute, he isn't any normal guy, he is zayn! I looked around and gave him a smirk. "Hello zaynie" he gulps," please don't tell anyone" I nod, as he smiled. He sighed in relive. Abby was sleeping the poor she. Hehehe


oh crap, their aren't any more tissues. "Please zayn, I need a tissue!" Louis groan. He hurt his index with a paper, and he is crying like a baby. I sighed, as I asked the girl I front of me. I was disgusted, so she shouldn't know me. At first I asked her for tissues. Till I reliaze that grin. Iam busted. "Hi zayn" she smirked. "Please don't tell anyone" she nod, as I sighed relive. She gave me a bunch of tissues, as I pass it to Louis. She is so damn pretty. She is hot, and sexy. Wait, what?! No zayn not today.liam looked at me as he nod, I nod back. "We'll here is a small thanks to you, and you can give this to a friend" she smiles, as she takes to gently. My mistake I to hued her hand. She blushed as she sat down back to her sit. Her hands were soft, and I can fee, butterflies in my stomach, she is the one..

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