More than this

Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


5. Danger with Emily


"guys, do we seriously need to do all this?" I grab, the sandwiches and out them over the food section." This is a pain in the ass" Louis screamed. Oh god. We have everything set, we just need to wait for the ladies. Well the girl with the pink dress, she is hot. I will make her mine. Zayn kept in talking to her, not giving me anytime to know her name.

"Harry, god damn it wear a shirt!" Liam scold, like a mother talking to her son." You love it right? Admit it, babe" I laughed, and Liam took the straightener. " don't let me do it, hazza, iam warning you" oh shit.. The last time they did that, 1 week to return it to my curly. " I give up" I said. I went up to my room, and grab my purple shirt, I love it. Will she love me?


the moment I saw her, made my heart beat faster than usual. She is my type. Harry or anyone won't take her for me.thats the reason I invited her, cause then we will find away, and make her come with us. She is.."Harry god damn it, wear a shirt!" I looked at him, and shifted my gaze to Niall. "Hey nialler." He looked at me, then he started to say something, but Loius screamed. What's wrong? I went to his room. He isn't there.


" Louis what the hell...." I run to the door, seeing Emily. Louis screamed again. "What the heck are you doing here." I said coldly, as Louis went to his room. Emily laughed," I want you, and only you" she pointed at my crouch then to my lips. "Slut" I said. Her eyes could kill. I hate her." Didn't we say we are nothing anymore? Now outta here you go!" I screamed. She kept on laughing, as if I told a funny joke.

 "Babe, I won't go out of here, without you" as she took her hands out of her pocket, to reveal a big knife. Oh god, what the fuck!? " SLUT!" I turned to see who talk, it was...Laura?! I looked at Laura with wide big eyes. I don't want anything to happen to her. "Oh so you got a girl already, did you?" As she pressed her lips to mine, which made me feel sick. I spat at her face, and within seconds, I hear groans..groans of pain?! From who?! I turned to see Laura full of blood! "What have you done Emily!" Emily laughed, as she took her bag and ran away. I stayed there, like a statue. What the heck happened.


oh god, she is back... I looked at behind me to see angry Harry screaming to her. Within seconds I see a shining thing in her hand...wait it is a knife? I tried to help Harry, but I hear groans of way, it is Harry??? I ran to see frozen Harry..from fear. I looked next to him to see....

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