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Laura is your average girl, who got alot of friends, and perfect parents. When her dad got her tickets for one direction concert, everything seemed perfect to her. But when she gets a backstage tickets, and some of the boys are falling already for her, and her best friend Abby, will everything be alright? Triangular love?!
~read to figure out the most romantic story, that had been written by me ;)


4. Back stages and love


" Abby what's wrong?" I looked t her eyes, it was full of pain. She gave me that look again, and turned on her heels to the bathroom. I sigh, as I headed to the closet. We came from the airport a while ago, with the backstages zayn gave us. Yet, I beileve this is all a dream, a good dream.

 Abby came out of the bathroom, a little bit better. She looked at me,"what shall I wear?" She asked coldly. "Abby I won't move from here, if you didn't tell me what's wrong!" She sigh, as she sat next to me. "Why didn't you wake me up, when the boys were there? Wouldn't you bother of your friend have fun with you? This was our dreams, ours, not yours only." I felt two tears finding a path in my checks. Why am I crying?! "So..sor..sorry" I sluttered. She sigh, and we t to her closet. To be honest, this is terrible.

"it is fine" she said. Why do i feel I haven't told her about backstages tickets? Well, I got no idea. "Abby , zayn gave us backstages tickets." She turned around with huge eyes, "really?" She asked in disbelieve. "Agggghhhhhh!!" Oh god, again there she is fangirling.

after we calm down, we searched for a dress, I unpacked all my bag over the floor, searching for the right dress. Abby would say it is childish to do so, but she was in the same page. It took us almost half an hour, till we found our perfect dress. M dress was pink strapless, with a black ribbon in the waist, it wasn't that perfect as Abby's. Abby dress was blue dress reach under her knees. It had one stripe, it fell loosely in her shoulder. It had also a balck ribbon, int waist but with a belt. She knows what to wear.

after putting the makeup, I left my hair  straight, while Abby made it curly. Well we are perfect. The concert is after.. Wait..when is the concert? I look at Abby, as she took her bag. She walked of the room."am I gonna wait for you?" She asked. I laughed, and follow her.

we found a taxi, and gave him the ways, well this will be an awesome day. I checked for the tickets, yes it sound and safe in my bag. Afterwards, we were right there inside the concert, the boys were perfect, and we had the first row, so that is amazing. "Zayn  was looking at you" Abby yelled. I nod, as we are turning to deaf people cause of all the voices. I felt an arm around my waist, and I realised that iam on stage with the boys! Zayn was holding me by the waist, closer to him. I sang with the boys, and Abby was in her prince arms, nialler. We had so much fun, till we ended. I got many stares from many people. This made me feel uneasy.

we went to backstages." Hey love" zayn said! "Hi" I answered with confidence. Abby and Niall were switching their numbers. Cool story bro. Me and zayn, well it was silence. "Um, aren't you that girl, with the backstages tickets?" I turned around to see liam asking me. I nod, and he grab me, and Abby hand, to the middle of the picture with the boys.

we took our pictures, and signatures, it was haliaroius. "Babe, would you go today with us, to Niall home, we got this little party over there." Zayn said. Niall turns to Abby, probably saying the same thing, to Abby. I nod, as we both , when I say both I meant me and Abby, giving each other wierd expressions. The boys laughed so hard. Afterwards Abby and I, were at our hotel room. 

"This is wierd" she looked at me, and I laughed. Yes it is totally wierd. "We should find another dress to wear today, e gotta a party with the boys" she blush. "Is someone here in love?" I smirk. She looks away. Haha, I got the perfect dress. Toda is an awesome day. Will he reliaze that I love him?

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