Ring a Ring a Roses

Eerie happenings?
Spooky shadows?
Haunted house?
Dark GHOST!!!


3. Moving In

"That coffee table is going to be in the guest room, erm... no no it's not it's going to the reception. Watch it! That box there needs to go to the kitchen. It is in big capital letters on the side there, or can you not read. Where you going with my boxes, they are going to the Grand suite. Dear? Dear? Jacqueline come with the girls to me. I was thinking to change the grand suite to a more French name, Grand salle, big room. Don't drop that they are in replaceable and I will have to charge you and it is unimaginable, are you listening to me?!?! HUH! Ignorant whatsits, they can't do a simple job right."

"Dear they know what they are doing. You’re just stressed that's all."


"Yes Deedee?"

"Whys there a women looking out our window, she does not look well?"

"Where is the woman, which window, Daddy is too busy to play games."

"She's gone daddy I seen her too, she was wearing a dark dress and her face was pale. I'm not telling fibs, daddy, I am older than Deedee and I don't tell fibs."

"I am the oldest child and I don't tell fibs either and I didn't see a lady wearing a black dress and her face pale, I just seen a fat removal man taking your bed and books to the dining room."

“Come back with that bed and my books. Oi you bring them to me at once. I'll count to five and if they are not back to me at once, one, two, three....."

"Your dad is under enough stress as it is without you three stirring things up. Come back George, the man is not a child."

Skye sat on the rough paving of the drive. "This needs repaved." she put her purple earphones in and sat there listening to her favourite band, Coldplay. “...Roman cavalry choirs are singing...WHAT?"

"I was wondering if you could take me and Deedee to graveyard. Spooky and weird and funny."

"First learn how to speak properly then I might take you."

"MMUUMMM!!!!!!" called Gail, so annoyingly Skye put her hand around her mouth.

"Do you want to go to the graveyard?" Gail hesitantly nodded. "Well, shut up, get Deedee up and we will go. If you open your mouth to mum I will rip your Barbies heads off and the flush the down the toilet, you clear." Again Gail hesitantly nodded and Skye could feel a big gulp in Gail's throat.

They walked around the house to the graveyard. There was tall dark tree's swaying above the stone's. The sisters tried to read the writing on each frail, crumbling gravestone but couldn't make out most except three stones. “What do say?" said Deedee in her limited vocabulary of which she knew.

“It says "Beloved Emily Alexander." and "Beloved Rosabelle Montague."  And the last says "Beloved Isabelle Fitzroy-Hyde." Hmmm? Funny, they all have the same death date, sixteen, sixty five, that's the year Deedee."

"Can we talk to the lady; I think she was the one inside who looks ill?" Said Gail in a hush whispery voice. Skye froze, there was a women floating next to them, staring at the gravestones. She was wearing a black flowing dress and her face was so pale and dry it could have caved in that moment. "Excuse me miss, are you okay. Erm, miss. Miss...."

The women flung her hands to her face and uttered a high pitched scream "Aaaaarrrrgh!!!" As the blood curdling screech died away so the lady faded away into thin air. "Cool, Magic. Where has she gone? Can we be friends with her? I want to do that!" But Skye could not answer. She was so petrified of what just happened and what she was going to next she was speechless. “Yes it was really cool... magic. I don't think we can be friends with her, Gail. She doesn't want to be friends, as you said she isn't well, very ill and she needs to rest."

"She was playing and doing cool magic, dis...dis...”


"Dis-a-ppear-ing like that, oh please! It's not fair cause you know she won't teach you. I will be her special child and you won't."

"Oh, don't cry Deedee. What's wrong? Are you scared?"

"Women magic? Dis..dis Dis-pear-d? where? Me scared Skye!"

"Oh, it's okay really." said Skye reassuringly. "I think."

The three sisters ran off to find the mother and father. Gail said about the magic, Deedee said the odd word literally since she was very young and did not know much yet. Skye, well her lips were sealed all night. She hid under her bedcovers absolutely still and quiet, heart thumping of her chest every time a little noise was made. She didn't get to sleep that much that night and she didn't think she would ever. That moment from them reading the gravestones to saying "I think" went around her mind like tickertape.

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