It All Started With Hello

Viola Tomlinson has known she was adopted since she was five. Now she is starting senior year at a new school in London after Louis and the rest of the boys get signed with Syco industries. In her first class she spots a guy called George they become friends and possibly more. As George and Viola grow close she finds out the he won X-Factor to with his group Union J. When Jaymi finds out that George knows Viola everything gets complicated. Secrets will be revealed and love shall grow. Read more to find out the story of Viola and here loved ones.


1. First Day

It All Started With Hello-Chapter 1

Viola’s POV

It’s the first day of school and I am horrified. It’s not as bad as starting high school, its worse I mean starting senior year and not at the same school mind you, is just horrifying. The only sanity I have is my older brother Louis. Before all you fan girls beat me to it yes, the Louis Tomlinson is my brother. Well if you get technical, he is my adoptive brother is the technically correct term.

I have always lived with the Tomlinson’s; Jay, my adoptive mother, says that a family friend didn’t want me and gave me to Jay so I was looked after properly. I don’t really care much for the adoption thing; to me they are like my biological family. I love them all; there’s Jay, Louis, Charlotte (Lottie), Felicity (Fizzy), Georgia, Daisy, and Phoebe. They have always been there for me. Our dad left us before Louis’ audition for X-Factor. Then there is me Viola.

I am tall, average size and have rather large feet. I have brown hair and my eyes are the same colour. Everyone loves my eyes, not me, I hate them. Anyway moving on, I am rather smart and very creative. Louis calls me a perfectionist, all because of the way I present myself and my work.

Anyway, back to reality Louis is being the perfect big brother and driving me to school. Mum promised that she would but she was called into work on short notice. I don’t mind though, I like it when I spend time with Lou, he is my best friend and he always will be.

“Hey Vi, are you ok with Harry picking you up today?” he asked with concern. He looks so adorable when he is concerned; no wonder El always likes telling him her clubbing stories. “Yea Lou, its fine, just tell him to wear his grandma costume so no one notices him.” I replied jokingly. “Yes sir,” Lou said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes in response.

By this time we had pulled up in the school car park. “You ready?” he asked. “More than I’ll ever be,” I responded expectantly, “Nope, I am terrified Lou.” He looked from me to the school and back to me, “You’ll do fine, see ya later alligator.” And with that I was pushed out of the car and onto the footpath.

I walked along the footpath observing my surroundings everything was so different to Doncaster. The schools in London scared me; I didn’t know any of the cliques or even where the office was if that’s even what they call it here. I started to get lost and then I decided to follow the signs leading to administration.

I got my timetable and walked down the chaotic school halls to homeroom. The timetable said I had Mr Anderson as my homeroom teacher; I am so hoping they don’t make the new students introduce themselves like I had to do at my old school.

I got to homeroom and everyone was lounging around like they owned the place. See I told you London was different, if that happened in Doncaster everyone would have got detention. Amongst the lazy teenagers I saw one empty seat next to girl. I walked over and introduced myself; finding out something about someone probably wouldn’t hurt. I found out that her name was Rosalie and she too was from Doncaster. She moved when she was young so she doesn’t remember much of our beautiful home town. With that the bell rang and I headed for first period.

It was a cold winter day, leaves lay on the ground around the trunk of the trees in the courtyard. People walked along huddled up attempting to keep warm in this ridiculous weather. Then there is me shivering in the back of the classroom, my Math teacher babbling on about his expectations the topics for this semester. I was getting quite bored and my eyes started to wander around the room trying to find something interesting to look at. It was at that moment he caught my eye. I didn’t know if he was new like me or if he has been here for a while, but he was attractive to say the least. I must have been staring because he gave me a look as if to say ‘are you okay?’ Then he just stared back at me. We continued the staring contest until I finally gave up and turned away blushing slightly.

I tried to preoccupy myself with the few minutes left. I mostly packed up and doodled on my book. As soon as the bell rang I was gone. I didn’t know where I was going but I was assuming my locker, either way I just ran. Being the total klutz that I am I bumped into someone, knocking both of us to the ground. After gathering myself and my belongings I looked up to be faced with the attractive math class guy. I entered my own little world for a minute allowing me to take in his amazing features and how hot he looked up close before I was brought back to reality by the sound of his voice.

“I am so sorry, I should have watched where I was going,” her apologised, “anyway my name is George.” His voice sounded husky, it suited him, it was sexy. “Oh don’t apologise, it was my fault, “ I countered, “I am a total klutz.” “That is a nice name total klutz,” he responded. “No, my name is Viola, sorry.” For like what the tenth time today we made eye contact. His eyes were a really pretty brown. His hair was curly and brown, very similar to Harry’s, but it suited George better. Or was that just my opinion. Anyway back to reality, I broke the silence this time by asking him if he wanted to have lunch with me. His exact words were ‘I wold be honoured.’

Later that Day

Yes, I only have three minutes left. My teacher for art is so boring that I am applying for a transfer to Certificate 1 in Business. I am so nervous about what Harry will be wearing, I so hope he decided to was a disguise, I don’t need fan girls befriending me just to get close to them.

Ding, Ding, Ding. Yes that is the bell. I grab my stuff and run out the room. I ran into George again and said, “Sorry George, I gotta go, talk to you later?” And with that I ran out the front doors of the school and straight to Harry’s car. Even if he is a douche, at least he knows how to choose a car. I got into the passenger seat of his Bentley and he pulled out of the car park.

“Hey Vi, how was school?” he asked. “Hey Haz, and depends,” I started. “Does having a total hottie stare at you count as good, oh how about after math I ran into him and then he asks to be friends.” I thought about what else I did today, “What about my art teacher is such a cow.” I looked over at Harry and saw him smirking. “What are you smirking for,” I asked. “Oh nothing, just thinking that the highlight of your day was me picking you up or meeting that hot guy from math,” he replied nonchalantly. “His name was George, not hot guy thank you,” I argued defensively. “Ok so it was meeting that hot guy, did you get his number?” I just looked at him dumbfounded, “For your information the highlight of my day will be when I go shopping with Zayn, and yes I did get his number.” That was it for conversation except for they little outburst where I stated that meeting George was a close second to going shopping with Zayn. 

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