Little Styles

Emma styles, 18 years old girl, have been sent away to United States. She got a small job, and didn't have such a nice life. Harry, her brother thinks of returning her back, will he be able to return her back? Maybe....will there be romance?
Read to find out


1. Intro

                              Yeah, iam the young worker in a shop.

                        Yeah iam the one, who got abandoned from her parents.

                  Yeah iam your good neighbor for nothing

                     But I used to have a great life

                Which ended 2 years ago.


Iam Emma styles, yeah Harold sister. I don't even know why I have been sent here, but iam here. Life starts to get ruined, people calling me slut, bitch, but whatever I am not, I know myself. I just wish, I just wish to have a life, a normal one.

this is just the beginning of my story, just the beginning...

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