Little Styles

Emma styles, 18 years old girl, have been sent away to United States. She got a small job, and didn't have such a nice life. Harry, her brother thinks of returning her back, will he be able to return her back? Maybe....will there be romance?
Read to find out


2. Chapter 1

Emma pov:

i opened my eyes slowly, drifting to the other side of my bed. This bed isn't comfy at all. Yesterday was a real pain in my ass. I hate my job, I really do, but I must do work, for sure to earn money. We are in a week after the sales, and we would get no vacation. I sigh, as I looked at my mobile. I unlocked it, and realize many, I mean alot of Skype calls from Hazza. It seems he  called me while I was working. I let a long sigh escape my mouth. Today, is a vacation day, so I got a whole day to talk with hazza. I opened Skype, and clicked at call button. I typed hazza number, and the siren started. Finally he raised." Hey, where have you been all day?" From the tone of his voice, he might be worried. "Harry chillax, okay? I got some work here and there to do." He let a sigh of relieve. "So, me and the boys thought of we could kidnap you" I giggle at his joke at first, but reliazed it was no joke. "Harry! I can't go! I got Job to do, remember? And anyways dad hates me" I cried." He told us to bring you back" he wispered. I couldn't believe, and let a sacrasm joke, but I soon realize it was no joke to me." Then, why don't he come and take me?" Harry seemed nervous to answer,  it i frown my eyebrows, to show him how serious iam. Iam very serious, I mean it. "Cause, he run from home to find you, and he never come back. Mom always say he kept on saying he would kill you, during his sleep. And I can't let my sista stay this way, maybe he will harm you." I gulped, I got some goosebumps running through my blood, as I nod. He smiles, as he told me," back your bat, we are coming after 5,4,3,2,1" I looked up, to see the door open, Harry was there! "Harry.." He hugged me tight, as tears of joy running through my checks. He wasn't alone, he got some friends with him. Yeah his band mates. "Let's pack, and leave" I looked at the boys with a puzzled look, as they introduced themselves." Hello love, iam Louis, and do you have carrots?" I laughed at the carrot part, I nod, as I pointed to the kitchen. He ran to it, before I noticed it. "That's Louis for you" I looked around and saw a blonde guy." Hey, iam Niall, you can call me nialler" he blushed. So sweet. "Iam Liam" the warm brown eyes, guy told me. "Iam zayn" he stretched him hand, and I take it happily. He seems to really care about his hair. "And iam Emma" I told them all. "C'mon back your back already" Harry groaned. I rolled my eyes, as I searched for my bag, and put all my clothes inside, the bos helped me too. Before half an hour pass, we finished and we are all in a taxi car. It was hard to fit us all, so I sat in Harry's lap. Louis seemed to frown all the time."what wrong with him?" I asked Harry. He giggles, as he looked at Liam. Liam told me about their bromance all the drive to the airport. I giggle in some parts, and other time I would put up my straight face. It is ridiculously funny! I can't wish for a better day, this is we're I belong with all my family, I can't wait to see my mom.





guys sorry for the short chapter! Promise next chapter to be so exciting and long!!

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