Song Lyrics

These are just some lyrics to songs. I will have some of my original songs and some songs by famous artists on here so leave a comment to let me know what song lyrics you want.


4. Heart breaker by me :)

 Sometimes, I don't wanna wake up 

 Cuz you won't be there by my side

 I know you're smiling with that girl there

 Travelin' with her everywhere


 But I'm not over you boy

 And I'm not done lovin' you


 Cuz you were the only one 

 Who loved me for who I am 

 Yeah, you were the only one

 Who made me feel like I wasn't damned


 But now, I see you 

 Roamin the streets with her

 And now that I think of you, 

 You're my heartbreaker


**It's not finished. That's all I have for this song so far**

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