Dragon Day

A princess that's not a lady. A king that's not a gentleman. And a wedding that does not go according to plan.


7. Goodbyes- Lucille's POV



                It was unsightly the way Melaina was behaving. Lucille knew that her fiancé wasn’t to her liking. She pitied Melaina when she first saw Dain. But it was no reason to go around celebrating his death. It would’ve been proper to wear the usual mourning black, to stay to her rooms for a few days.

                Everyone knew that Melaina was happy about his death. Lucille didn’t think it was right for her to flaunt her happiness in such a blatant way. Gavin agreed with her. It wasn’t the way a proper princess would act.

                A day hadn’t passed since Dain’s death, since their wedding, and she was traipsing around the castle corridors happily making arrangements for the adventure their father had arranged for her. It seemed most of the castle was happy about the accident as well, not even the visiting Feluccans.

                “Gavin, dear,” she called out to him. “When are we due to leave?”

                “This afternoon, darling,” he responded with a dreamy smile.

                The sooner she was out of the madhouse called the kingdom of Lor the better. Her poor mother was crying her eyes out Dain, but no one else seemed to even care the slightest. Melaina’s face looked like that of a criminal just pardoned from the gallows.

                She fanned herself with her silk fan and took her mind off her sister by talking to Gavin. Her sister had not seen the light. She had not fallen in love. Lucille took Gavin’s hand and looked at the approaching carriages that would take them to the port, to her new home.

                The goodbyes were rushed. Melaina embraced her tightly and wished her the best. Lucille knew that her sister wouldn’t miss her much. Even living under the same roof, they had been brought up in two different worlds. They had love for each other, but it was a distant love.

                She settled herself into the carriage, taking one look at her miserable mother, and then at her father and sister, both beaming and happy. She wondered if she was wrong to side with her mother, if her mother had been wrong from the beginning. Lucille was a lady, but she knew she could never show her happiness or smile as unabashedly as her sister did. Decorum got in the way.

                She finally understood her sister’s desire for freedom, to not be bound by people’s expectations and palace etiquette. Lucille understood the burden of having to follow someone else’s decisions about her own life. It was a weight she had borne all her life without knowing it.

                But it was too late for her. She looked over at Gavin, a boy that was just like her. They were frightened of freedom. They were destined to their lives as puppets controlled by their advisors. They would live comfortably without any care. Suddenly that thought seemed horrible to her.

                Lucille wished for her sister’s freedom, boarding a ship to her new home. Melaina had been lucky enough to know its value before it was gone forever.


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