Dragon Day

A princess that's not a lady. A king that's not a gentleman. And a wedding that does not go according to plan.


25. Author's Note

Hi everyone, loved readers, absolutely wonderful commenters!


So, I'm thinking that this is going to be the end of Book One. But I'm not sure. Is this a good place to end the book? Before you say it sounds like we're at the middle of the story, yes, we sort of are. But the story after this takes place in Felucca, and I thought a new book would suit a completely new setting. 


If you guys have any suggestions regarding the story, or anything, please comment, because I'll be editing through this. I am not one of those writers that is so in love with their work that they can't take an ounce of criticism. I welcome criticism, suggestions, anything you have. So *please* comment, and if you want to press that lovely little green button with 'like' on it, that would be appreciated as well.


Thanks for reading guys! 

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