Twisted Fate

When Sophie is trying to make her name known at school she hooks up with a boy who would change her life forever.


4. The Morning After

The sun was peeping through the window and the breeze was cool as I lay in bed trying to remember how exactly things went down last night. Beth was already awake making coffee which I needed because the headache I have right now is killing me. I slowly roll out of bed still in my outfit from last night and make way into the kitchen. "Beth mind making me a cup?" I asked. "Sure if it's going to keep you from having sex with random guys and making a slut of yourself!" She replied. Lost in confusion I helplessly tried to figure out what in the hell she was talking about. "Fuck Sophie" she shouted "You honestly don't remember me pulling you out of a room with some guy that you didn't even get his name but yet you were still half naked for!!!?" I could feel my face start to get warm and the apples of my cheeks turn red with embarrassment. "Beth I'm sorry I was drunk but please tell me he was cute." I said. Her look I could tell she was disgusted if me. "Never mind any of lastnight" Beth said. I was glad to hear she was willing to forget. "So what should we do today?" I asked. "Well want to go to the mall I really need new shoes since some jerk puked on mine last night" Beth asked. "Yeah just let me get ready.

We were now on our way to the mall and I was mentally trying to prepare myself as my head was still pounding from last night. "So B did you get any hot guys number last night?" I asked trying to break the awkward silence. "Not really all the guys at that party were pigs and tried to fuck anything with legs" she replied. "Oh well did you have fun?" "No S I really didn't but it looked like you were having fun"

I didn't say anything back. I was trying to figure out why B would be so mad at me about what happened last night... Was she jealous? Hurt? I couldn't figure out what she was so angry about. As we pulled up to the mall I tucked that thought away and got out of the car.

"So what store do you want to go to first B?"
"Hmm how about we get some food I'm starving"
"Yesssss me too let's go do that" I replied."

We were standing in line to get some pizza when I had the urge to use the bathroom. 
"Beth I really need to use the barroom mind ordering for me?"
"Sure you want pepperoni right?"
"Yes thanks B I will be real quick."

As I made my way to the bathroom someone had bumped into me. 
"Sorry" I heard come from the stranger who had bumped into me. 
"It's alright" I replied looking up to see who had ran into me.

It was this guy so sexy I didn't know who he was but yet he seemed familiar.

"Do I know you?" He asked.
"No I don't think so." I replied

But then as I looked into his deep eyes I remembered exactly who he was-- the boy from the party.

"Are you sure?" He said.

"Um actually I think we met last night at the party" I said with embarrassment in my voice.

"OH YEAH YOU WERE THE HOT GIRL" He said with excitement.

"Um yeah I guess but I never got your name..." I said.

"Oh my friends call me J and what's your name?" He asked.


"Mmm Sophie I like that it's sexy" He said.

"Okay well nice seeing you but I really should get back my friend is waiting for me" I quickly said as I remembered about Beth.

But at that moment I didn't want to leave him for some reason he made me want to be pinned up against the wall while he violently kissed me, he made me want him.

I started to walk away when he yelled my name.


"Yes" I replied.

"I'm just in town for a bit but here's my number If you want to hangout before I leave back to canada." He Said as he handed me a paper with his number on it.

"Okay I will see ya" I said as we parted ways.

My heart was racing I had his number and I couldn't believe he said I was sexy!

"Sophie over here!" Beth called.

I thought about telling Beth how I saw J but I figured I would keep him my little secret because she seemed awful mad that I was with him last night.

"This pizza is amazing" B said.

"Yeah it is"
After we finished eating Beth went and bought shoes and dropped me off at my house.

"See you at school tomorrow B" I yelled as she pulled out of my driveway.

I couldn't wait till I was home alone because I could text J ! But I wasn't sure if I should wait to text him because I didn't want to seem obsessive. So I decided to take a shower and call it a night. I would text him in the morning.

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