Twisted Fate

When Sophie is trying to make her name known at school she hooks up with a boy who would change her life forever.


6. The Meeting

Nervous as ever I walked into the library scanning everywhere for J.

"Sophie" I heard a whisper come from one of the rows of books .

"Hey J I wasn't sure if you would really be here" I said nervously.

"Oh course I would be I wanted to see you" he said as he licked his lips.

"Sorry I look awful I wasn't expecting to see anyone I would have to impress at school" I said shyly hoping he would still want to talk to me after seeing how I looked.

"Sophie baby" he said as he put he's hands on my hips and pulled me close to him. His lips were centimeters away from mine and I could feel each breath he took as he he finished his sentence.

"You look just as sexy without the make up and being dressed up in fact it makes me want you more"

I was completely lost in his word like I was under a spell his lips so close to mine and his body the warmth of it pressed on me. He pulled me closer and pressed his soft moist lips on mine entering his tongue to dance around mine. It was so sexy and such a turn on I kissed him back and he let out a slight moan as he pulled his lips off mine.

"I told you it was worth it" he whispered in my ear sending chills down my body.

He turned me around and pressed me up to the bookcase as he entered my mouth once more. He pressed his body up against mine and I could feel his erection. He felt so big and in a way I wanted him in me right there.

He parted his lips from mine once more.

"J" I said.
"Yeah babe" he replied with a little pant in his breathing.
"As much fun and everything we are having I really think I should get back to class before we get caught" I said wishing I really didn't have to leave him and that I could just go with with him some place where we could finish what we had started.

"But doesn't it turn you on that at any moment we could get caught" he asked as he left a trail of kisses down my neck.

And to be honest I was a huge turn on all I could think about was how nice his body would look naked.

"Yeah it does"I replied.
"But I really should get to class but If you want we can hangout when I get out of school"

"Alright I will let you get back to class but I better see you later today I want to show you what else I can do to that perfect hourglass body" he said again biting his lip in that sexy way he does to make me mesmerized.

With that said I made my way to class and tried to focus on the test I had in chem.

All I could think about was how J's lips felt on mine and how big his dick was when he pushed up against me. All I wanted was him. I kept replaying what happened in the library in my mind over and over when my phone suddenly buzzed.

To: Sophie 
From: Beth

What in the world has gotten into you I can tell you can't concentrate what are you thinking about!?

Oh no I forgot all about Beth and she knows me to well for me to make up some lie about why I can't pay attention.

Beth sits on the other side of the classroom but I couldn't tell her about J or what just happened in the library.... She would just get mad and think I'm a slut.

To: Beth
From: Sophie

Nothing I just didn't get enough sleep last night I'm really tired

I quickly had to make something up.
When my phone buzzed again.

From: J<3*

That was sexy hope there's more of that later today ;)

Great just what I needed a text from J to make me even more distracted. But I was too hoping for more of what happened.

To: J<3*
From: Sophie

Me too see you soon ;)

I replied knowing Beth was watching my every move.

From: Beth

Serena are you sure there isn't something you're not telling me and who are you texting?

Shit. I knew she was watching me...

To: Beth 
From: Sophie

My mom and yes I'm sure I'm not keeping anything from you !

To: Sophie
From: Beth

Alright so hangout today after school my place?

Crap now I needed an excuse to why I wouldn't be able to hang out with Beth..

From: Sophie

Sorry B have plans with my mom to help her look for furniture but tomorrow!

To: Sophie
From: Beth

Since when do you offer to help your mom with anything? But okay tomorrow don't forget bye:)

And with that said I let out a sigh of relief as the bell of our last class rung and I made my way to my car to drive home and get ready to see J.


Sorry it's taken me so long to update  I've been really busy with school but thanks for all who have been reading and I will have next chapter up very soon!!!

You won't want to miss out :)

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