Twisted Fate

When Sophie is trying to make her name known at school she hooks up with a boy who would change her life forever.


1. Schools out, Summers in!

     Pliiiiiiing! My phone rang to spill the details on the hottest party to kick off summer. It was the party to be seen at if you wanted to be popular; that was my goal. 
  "Sophie" my mom called from the kitchen asking if I could babysit tonight. The one night I have to become popular and known, to make an appearance how could I babysit! There was no way I was going to miss this party but I couldn't tell my mom no. After agreeing to babysit I ran to my room to call my best friend and the only person I trusted Beth.

Sophie: Beth I don't think I'm going to be making the popular list next year at school because my mom has me babysitting!! 

Beth: Wtf S (that's what Beth calls me) we are going to that party tonight even if I have to kidnap you!!!

Sophie: But Beth I-

She cut me of before I could finish my sentence with a very frustrated tone in her voice 


She hung up the phone and by knowing Beth or B as I call her she wasn't kidding when she said we were going even if she had to kidnap me.  My mind was going crazy. I'm going to have a 10 year old to baby sit and a party to attend to, how was I going to be at two places. I went to my closet to see what I could possibly wear to the party but all I owned were some hand-me-down jeans some vans and plain tees and there was no way I could show up with any of that on.  "Mom I'm going to the mall " I called out as I headed out the door. I pulled out my phone so I could text B to meet me.

*To: B*    *From: S*
I have nothing to wear meet me at the mall 15 mins <3

*To: S*    *From: B*
Glad you came to your senses about this party S see you there! Xoxo
    P.s say hello to popularity 

Gosh how I'm I going to tell B that I might not even go we have been planning on this party since we first heard about it a month ago. I put ally thinking aside and concentrated on picking out the perfect outfit. "Hey S" I heard Beth call my name.
 "Okay B you ready to shop we need the best head turning outfit this mall has!"
"Hell yeah we do S" 
After looking and looking I finally found a outfit and I felt sexy. It was a black skin tight dress with red heels. 

"So S how are we sneaking you out tonight?"
"I have no clue B"
"Well maybe I can get my brother to babysit"

And somehow in B's convincing ways she got her brother to agree and we were all set to go to the BIGGEST party of our high school lives. 

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