Jynix is a 22 year old girl who goes to university.
When a new boy joins the school she falls in love with him and thinks that he can change what happens in her life
but when her life takes a turn for the worst who knows if she can survive


1. The New Boy

I hated University,

 I was studying there but that wasn't the reason I didn't like University though,

 It was the fact that I was bullied.

The only people that actually like me were my, brothers,

 Silver and Angus.

Silver was the oldest. He was tall and slim, with bright green eyes and his blonde hair spiked up with gel.

As for Angus, he was the youngest of us three. He was just shorter than me and had brownish blonde hair with purple eyes.

I looked nothing like my brothers, I was tall for my age and had long brown hair with a blonde streak on the side and all of my fringe was also blonde I was also pale with purplish blue eyes. I started thinking about the differences between me and my brothers on the way to music  class, i enjoyed the music part of the classes it was the people in it I didn't like I  was getting closer to the classroom it was like walking to a living hell but I would fail my exams if I didn't  go and that would mean having to redo this whole year I walked to the door of the music room and opened the door and walked straight to the teacher to sign in, luckily there was no one in the music room once I had signed in I walked to the little piano room I always spent music in I walked over to the piano and sat on the stool that sat beside the grand piano My brothers thought I had great musical talent but people in my class thought otherwise I started to play the song that I had to play for my music exam I started to sing along to the song one hour later the bell went and I walked out of the piano room the teacher had already gone so I left the keys for the piano room on the teachers desk I was about to walk out from behind the drama posts that were kept in the music room for now but I stopped when I heard a voices from the direction of the door I peeked round the Drama Posts I took a glance around the room when I came to what I was looking for, A Group of people were surrounding a boy who I’d never seen before.

“Watch this” I heard one of the older boys say, he then got up and started to walk towards me I was really hoping that he hadn't seen me and that he was just walking in my direction, I quickly and quietly ran to the corner and opened the cupboard there was nowhere to hide, I Knew that if he came any closer he would see me.

He turned towards me, grabbed my shirt collar and dragged me backwards.

“Hello Jynix” he said

“Hello Henry” I muttered in reply

“What did you say why not say hello to your good pal Henry” he joked

“I said Hello Henry” I said sounding sarcastic but trying to make a point, he grabbed me by the throat and held me up against the wall I yelped in pain as he banged against the archway of one of the doors I looked towards the new kid, he looked shocked that his new friends would do this, He looked at me and mouthed: are you okay but before I could answer Henry lifted me up and chucked me on the floor, in pain I stood up he moved towards me I backed up into the corner that he had chucked me into, he grabbed me by the collar and held me towards the new kid “this is what happens if you can't defend yourself in this school good luck” Henry said he then dropped me on the floor, then him and his friends walked out of the music room laughing at what Henry had to do to prove his point to the newbie the newbie and I were the only people left in the room, I got up and picked up my books that I had dropped when Henry had grabbed my shirt collar when the new kid tapped me on the shoulder “are you alright” he asked when I turned around, I looked at his face in detail for the first time I didn’t reply he had amazing Blue eyes and dark brown hair he was tall and wasn’t in uniform (because he was new) he seemed nice bI wasn’t too sure because of who he was around earlier I turned back to what I was doing

“are you okay” he asked again this time I replied

“Yeah I’m fine” I lied

“you don’t look it” he said again “the names Jadis”

“Jynix” I said back “Nice to meet you but I got to go”

“well um see you around then” Jadis said after saying this he walked out of the music rooms double doors I grabbed my bag and headed out the door...


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