Jynix is a 22 year old girl who goes to university.
When a new boy joins the school she falls in love with him and thinks that he can change what happens in her life
but when her life takes a turn for the worst who knows if she can survive


3. The Music Room

Jadis POV:

BRING BRING went the bell as I ran through the double doors of the school building, I was late, the sound of the school bells rung through my ears.

I had music first, I had to get there before Henry, I knew I was in for it because of what happened on the way home yesterday, I walked through the side door of the music room in case Henry was around.

I didn’t know where to go but I couldn't’ stay in the main room I had to hide, I tried every door that there was that led off of the main room, they were all locked then one caught my eye one that I hadn’t tried yet, the little piano room I ran to it, the door locked of course it was just like all the other doors in this classroom just then I heard footsteps from the other side and then an unlocking noise, the door opened a little bit just, enough for me to see through, on the other side I saw Jynix.

I looked at her and then looked behind me, I saw Henry’s black hair coming around the corner

“come out Jadis I know you're in here” He yelled I looked back at Jynix but this time I looked into her eyes,

she stepped back opening the door further now there was enough room for me to step through

“come on then” she said

“what?!?” I said confused about what she had just said

“you're dead if you stay out there any longer now hurry up and move” she said again I didn’t say anything this time I just quickly stepped into the room.

“This is where you spend your music class then” I said

“uh-huh, Are you alright?’ she asked changing the subject

“what do you mean?” I asked

“your head at the top,left side its... Well... Its covered in blood” She said again  

“uhh yeah I’m fine” I said, I then put my hand up to my head to see if it was true and sure enough it was and my head was stinging

“it must of been from when I hit my head on the corner of the door earlier” I said, I didn’t know what to do about the blood so I just kept my hand to my head to stop it from bleeding more.

an hour later the bell went for the end of the session we walked out of the piano room and put the keys for the room on the teachers desk before we could go any further she put her hand out to stop me from walking any further  

“what is it?” I asked

“Henry always stays for at least fifteen minutes after the bell”she said “stay here” after that she walked a little further and then stopped at the drama post, she peeked around the corner

“Dammit”she said quietly

“still there?” I asked

“Yes” she replied

“Damn now what are we going to do?” I questioned

“The back door go and check if its open I’ll keep watch to see if he moves” she said.

I slowly stepped back tripping and falling on my head, Jynix looked back to see if I was okay “Sorry” I mouthed, I got back up and continued walking to the back door...


Jynix’s POV:

I went back to what I was doing before Jadis fell over, Henry was standing up now and looking this way.

I quickly hid behind the drama posts holding my breath as not to make a sound, I just hoped he hadn't seen me.

I looked back around to see if he was coming, he wasn’t in fact he had sat back down, he must of heard Jadis fall over.

Jadis came back

“any chance hes moved”He asked

“I take it the back doors locked then”I said

“yep” he replied

“Damn it” I said quietly

“what” he asked

“he’s coming this way”I said

“Damn it and theres no way out of this place”Jadis said in reply

“it’s not me I’m worried about, It’s you” I said

“WHAT You Should Worry About Yourself Too You Know!!”he said raising his voice

“shut up” I whispered he slumped back into a corner of the room

“this happens to me every day I’m used to it”I said just loud enough for Jadis to hear me.

Jadis came out of the corner that he was in and stood in front of me, he stared into my eyes and I stared back I only realised why he stood in front of me as Henry's arm swung out and gripped Jadis throat.

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