Jynix is a 22 year old girl who goes to university.
When a new boy joins the school she falls in love with him and thinks that he can change what happens in her life
but when her life takes a turn for the worst who knows if she can survive


4. Bully

Jadis POV:

He gripped my throat tightly stopping me from breathing, I thought this was the end when Jynix ran out from behind the drama posts.

“Leave Him Alone” She yelled

“Or what” Henry said smirking,

just then Angus, Selene and Silver came through the door.

Henry turned his head in the direction of the foot steps when he met Silvers eyes, his once steady eyes now shaky, he released his grip on my neck and I fell to the floor I gasped for every little piece of air I could get, Surviving  what had just happened to me Selen, Angus and Jynix ran to my side.

Silvers eyes now turning from a bright green colour to a dark red colour with his mood, this was one of the reasons that Henry was scared of him because of his abilities.

Once he got to full strength he pushed Henry into the wall smashing his shoulder in, by now all of Henrys followers had fled the room.

“How do you like it huh How do you like it?” Silver yelled.

Just then the teacher of the music room came in and saw what was going on.

The pulled Silver off Henry and sent him to the principal's office, Angus and Jynix helped me up and took me to the sick bay...


Angus POV:

We walked Jadis to the sick bay and he got sent home.

The bell for Final session went and we all ran out of class as fast as we could I went to find Jynix once I had found her we walked to the principals office to get Silver.

When we entered the building I saw that Silvers head was bleeding,I hadn’t noticed this before

“are you alright” asked Jynix she must of noticed it too

“yeah”silver said quickly

“you don’t look it” I said, Silver looked down at the floor

“I’m sorry Jynix” He said

“what for?” questioned Jynix

“I’m so sorry” He said again

“Silver what are you on about” I questioned it was clear that neither me nor Jynix knew what he was talking about

“I’m sorry For Henry Targeting you”he said again “its all my fault” it was like Silver was talking to us but couldn’t hear us in reply

“how’s it you're fault”Jynix asked

“It’s all My Fault” Silver repeated

“How, How is it your fault” Jynix said again

“He used to target me but I showed him my strength when you came to this school he targeted you because you were like me diffrent didn’t fit in only you're a girl he thinks you're less strong he wants you to show him you're strengths but you can’t because you're strengths can’t be shown” Silver said for the first time answering one of our questions “I’m sorry it’s all my fault”

“you did what was right and thats all what matters thats the past lets face now and prepare ourselves for the future” said Jynix

“Present and future what future, if you keep going like this you won't have a future Jynix” Silver said raising his voice  

“Silver calm down” I yelled, Silver who was now standing up sat down in his seat

“Silver that’s we’re you're right we are all different, You're eyes change colour with your mood and the madder you get the stronger you get, Angus was tested on leaving his eyes purple and he can’t control his emotions as for me my ability may not show on the outside and when I do it no one knows it was me but inside I’m smarter and stronger than any average kid and even you guys I can even move things without touching them,we are all different but you were wrong with what you said I will have a future because I am happy with who I am and what happens in my life were different from everyone else in the world but were also different to each other” after she said this she sat down next to Silver and hugged him

“you were wrong about me but we still need each other to get through this and we will get through this so don’t give up”

Silver just nodded and then faced the floor again.

Just then the principal walked out of his office

“look Silver I don’t want to see you here again,I know its hard for you  with your sister and all but you know, I don’t want to see any of you here again” said the Principal me and Silver stood up and we all walked out of the office.

when we were on the street I turned to Silver

“are you going to continue protecting her” I asked Jynix wasn’t listening to this she has her headphones in and was listening to music

“yes of course I am” Silver said

“you could get expelled and then you won’t be able to protect her” I said

“well thats my problem and until then I will continue doing what I’m doing” Silver said again

“arrrggghhh” I said “well I guess I can’t argue with you after all in having no parents you are the oldest and also I am the youngest”

“yeah sucks huh” said Silver laughing

“yeah” I said now laughing as well.

when we got back to the house Silver sat down on the couch Jynix went on the computer and then started preparing dinner and I went and got the first aid kit and helped SIlver out with his injuries...


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