Jynix is a 22 year old girl who goes to university.
When a new boy joins the school she falls in love with him and thinks that he can change what happens in her life
but when her life takes a turn for the worst who knows if she can survive


6. A Dark Room

Jynix’s POV:

I woke up in a dark strange place all I could see was chairs with figures tied to them, Where was this place?, was I dreaming?

One face caught my eye as I Searched the room for the way out it was young girl in her teens at least , over fourteen but not over eighteen a tear fell from her golden eyes and her face worried.

I tried to stand up but of course I couldn’t, I should've known that I would be tied up, I looked at her as if to say ‘hold on a minute’.

I tried to get my hand to my pocket, after about five minutes I managed to get to my dress pocket.

I knew that I kept my leather man in this pocket it was just the fact that the person or people who took me here might have taken it off me, I found the case for the metal tool and pulled it out.

I almost screamed with happiness when I saw the metal tool sitting in it’s leather pouch, it took awhile to get the leather man out of it’s case but I got it out in the end.

Eventually I got the knife part out of the tool and cut the rope that tied me to the chair, I got up and walked over and cut the rope off the girl.

“thank you”she whispered

“what’s your name” I asked

“Elle” the girl said quietly even more quieter than her whisper

“I’m Jynix, do you know what's going on here Elle” I asked

“Yes It’s horrible, we need to get out of here” Elle said

“what happens here Elle I need to know”I said

“I will, but first how old are you?”Elle asked

“21, why?” I asked

“I’m 16” Elle said “I turn 17 next week when you're over 17 it happens”

“what happens?” I asked

“what happened to everyone here that’s what happens” Elle said

“they're not alive are they”I said

“NO, I’ve been here for two years, I wasn’t old enough when I was first brought here so he had to wait I watched it happen to all of them” she said

“he killed them”I said

“yes we have to get outta here”Elle said

“okay we will” I said “do you know where the door is Elle or anyway out of here”

Elle pointed in a direction but it seemed to be the darkest part of the room

“be careful theres traps” Elle said

“it’s okay I have a flashlight on my phone”I said

“okay” Elle said quietly I flashed my phone in the direction Elle had pointed

“if I don’t make it out of here, can you do me a favour?” Elle asked

“Elle don’t say that”I said

“no but seriously If I don’t please go to this address and tell my family what happened to me and tell them that they need to move as far away from here as they can” Elle said handing me a piece of paper

“of course I will” I said “Hey Elle will you do the same for my brothers”

“what about your parents” Elle asked me

“my dad died in the war and my mum abandoned us and then she died I don’t know how though” I said

“Oh that’s...” but before Elle could finish there was a voice from upstairs someone was coming down here...


Silver’s POV:

I took the day off to look for Jynix but there was still no sign of her.

Angus walked in from outside

“The police said they would do everything they could but there was very little chance that they would find her with all the disappearances that have happened in the past 2 years that there still looking for” He said

“Damn Why did this happen to us why us?”I asked

“I don’t Know Silver but we have to stay calm” Angus said

“Yeah,... Stay calm”I said to myself “stay calm.”

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