It wasn't a miracle, it was a lie

"It wasn't a miracle I found you... It was just a big pile of lies that led me to where I am now. "

What would you do for one more chance to get back the person you thought you lost a long time ago? When a girl loses her best friend to a divorce how does she feel, when 11 years later, they meet again.

Join them on their journey through drama, love, heart ache, fights, jokes and unexpected experiences as these two individuals find love.... Again!


3. What in the world...

Caden's POV:


"Dad... Mum... Where is everybody?" I asked, to basically no one. 

It was nearly lunch time and I couldn't find anyone, there wasn't anymore boxes to unpack so I knew they weren't unpacking stuff. Also, one of dads old friends was meant to be coming round toady, wiphich is a surprise to me because I thought mum had taken all our friends when she left us 11 years ago. 

I remember moving to another country and dad meeting another woman just 7 months after moving. I was only 6 at the time so I wasn't sure if their relationship was going to last but it did, and now 11 years later they are still crazy about each other. 

Thats what I want for myself. Yeah I know it's kinda sappy having a guy talking about his happily ever after but, so what? Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I don't want to find love. 

It also doesn't mean I'm gay or some hopeless romantic cus I'm not, I like girls, I've dating quite a few... But they never seemed... Real enough.

*ding dong* the door bell rung and my step mum called up to me. 

"Caden, guests are here, come make yourself seen" she yelled up to me. 

"Coming mum" I yelled back. I know she's not my real mum, but she might as well be, she's been there for me through it all. 

I headed down stairs and met my parents outside the door to the main living room, yeah main, it's a pretty big house. 

"Ah son, now when we go inside I don't want you making a scene or anything, I know it might be a shock but still, stay calm" my dad told me, in his firm but soft voice. 

"Ok then, why would I make a scene?" I asked, kinda confused. 

"Never mind, just wait and see" he said and opened the doors, going inside, followed by mum, and lastly me. 

"Ah hello Leah, how have you been, what's it been... 11 years?" My dad said speaking to this lady who was weirdly familiar. 

I don't think I've seen her before, or maybe I have, just to long ago to remember probably. 

My eyes scanned across from her to meet eyes with a young girl around my age sitting next to her. This girls eyes, where had I seen them before, they were so curious and full of life; like a child's. 

"Hi, I'm Caden, its nice to meet you" I said, introducing my self her, reaching my hand out for her to shake. 

"Hi, I'm Lissy, it's nice to meet you too" she said, taking my hand and shaking it. Her hand was small and soft, fitting perfectly into mine. My whole hand consumed hers and wrapped protectively around hers. 

"Have we met before?" I asked. 

"I'm not exactly sure, feels like it though doesn't it?" She replied. 

"Caden, surely you remember Lissy" my dad said. It wasn't so much a question, as more like a statement or shock or surprise. 

"No I can't say I do". I replied, my eyes sweeping over every inch of the girl who's hand was still inside mine. 

She noticed and pulled her hand free gently, I don't know why but I wanted it back there. 

"Well your in for a shock then, Caden, this is Lissy Raen, your old best friend from before we moved away" my dad said, pulling me out of thoughts of Lissy's hand. 

As those words left his mouth and entered my brain, the cogs started to turn, best friend? Oh god, no, it's impossible. Lissy was a messy haired little girl with a toothy smiled and scabbed knees. Now she's... Well... Gorgeous. Longish black hair tied back in a pony tail, curvy figure with a nice chest if I'm allowed to point out, and straight teeth. 

"It's been a while" I said, my words getting slower and more surprised. 


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